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Thailand GPRS Activated

2007-10-03 23:40:00

Thailand GPRS Activated
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia

I search my own site in an internet café, found this page about how to travel to the AIS or One Two Call office here in Bangkok.

I printed off, took a taxi to the office for 100 Baht, not for about 17 US dollars I have internet access for a month and a pretty Thai girl helped me configure.

Thailand dial number *99***1#
Right Click on My Computer - Hardware - Dunn Modem - Properties - Advanced
1175 customer service
Check Balance GPRS *139

500 Baht for 250 Hours of Internet Access.

Slow, steady, and dependable, and works on all the islands and as I travel, not many thing in my world of internet demands high speed. To use skype.com I will not just stop in an internet café.

Thailand GPRS Activated

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