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Thai Style

2007-10-11 16:47:00

Thai Style
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, October 12, 2007
By Andy of

Thai Style, what is Thai Style, it just does not sound right to me to say Thailand Style.?

There are these small things that Thailand people do… nod the head, the sound of their voice, a girl walking on small high heels as her but sways back and forth. This is a small set of statue, at first, or now I guess I ignore these small identifiers saying,
- Hey Andy, you are in Thailand. -

I remember in Mexico, every day the people in Pie de La Cuesta watered the dirt with a water hose, or the smell of burning coconuts husk, this was Mexico to me.

This is Thai Style, a small friendly bunch of monks, walking in row; hmm I remember taking the same photo.

That was from this link, and a few years ago.

Sometimes, I need to open my eyes, and close them again, I need to remember where I am, then life is really good today, so I will keep them wide open, just in case I see a new world. You just learn to love these little people.

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Thai Style