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Reading Glasses and Fan Glasses

2007-10-08 16:56:00

Reading Glasses and Fan Glasses
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, October 5, 2007

I purchased one pair of glasses for reading, and another pair to protect my eyes from fans in the hotel room.

Today, I a made my way to my savior, a funky computer machine that somehow analyses my eyes and out pops a Thailand person with great reading glasses. I can read!

These are two sets of glasses, one is prescription type, she even gave me a copy of the correct measurements or whatever they call it, and then….

I purchase them BIG ugly type black glasses, there were sunglasses, and however she replaced the lens with glass, no power as she says. I wanted goggles that look like glasses. The fans of the world in my Hotel rooms dry my eyes, therefore now, I can wear these glasses while watching TV and the fan is trying to toast my eyeballs or at least make into a desert.

The prescription ones on the left were 500 Baht or 15 USA, and the clear ones were 300 Baht or about 9 US. If you are on Khao San Road I go to this cheap shop above the first grocery store, department store, you go to the second floor and wonder around. Somehow, wonder around above grocery stores on the second floors. I suppose you would say it the small one closest to Khao San Road. Alternatively, I suppose you could go to the police station and walk away from Khao San Road.

Reading Glasses and Fan Glasses