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Rare Kindness of Kenya Airways Man

2007-10-03 06:17:00

Rare Kindness of Kenya Airways Man
Nairobi, Kenya Airport

I watched extraordinary art being created.

I sat mesmerized for about one hour watching a super professional Kenya Airways man work, and then watch him give extreme acts of kindness to a young crying boy whose mother just walked away.

In my silent walks around village, cities and chaos, I observe who is doing this and who is doing that, and hope to find the masters at work. I am not prejudice, education, race, background, language I do not care; I want to see extreme excellence. I normally find this in the lower rungs, the ignored, the look over people, casual acquaintances of mine who see me giving as much respect as I know how to generate the culture of the day are annoyed with me, but she is just a banana bread girl they, and I say,
- She is a super-pro, a wonder to watch, sells, deals, covers a territory

The older woman who motherly prodded me to learn Ewe was a master of Popcorn. I always was infatuated with here tenderly testing the popcorn for the proper amount of salt, a taste to check, I watch her think she decides a little more, another pro at work.

Kenya Airways is Comme Ci Comme Ca, however one the big three that travel from East to West with Emirates, and Ethiopian Airlines.

The Kenya Airlines man controlling the Nairobi to Bangkok/Hong Kong was a master. I wanted to fly standby to Bangkok on the 11 AM flight and stop sitting on the concrete floor of the airport, I am in the airport now and I have another 12 hours before my reserved flight leaves. As I sat at the 11 AM flight gate a crazy melange of ugly walked up to and barged their way into him.

There was a very distraught British man who some how super planned about three flights and a ferryboat trip, room reservations foolishly. Changing airlines to save money, he had a plane delay and his bag would never find him because his path is too clever. The man listened to him personally and patiently four around 30 minutes, taking tickets, excusing himself, try to help the boy/man find a safe place. Doomed by his long itinerary to lose his baggage.

While listening like a politician the people with Hog manners going for the milk cream rammed at him in many language, French, Chinese, African something, English and every form of self-center I go first mentality prevalent on the planet, nobody see that a person should wait their turn, they have the right to interrupt, prod, and behave with zero respect. This work continually was calm, patient and gave zero blank I am ignoring you looks that the other four women worker were doing, they were typical, you do not exist.

Suddenly a young boy is lost, about eight, he is starting to cry, every person in the area feels it, and even the blank girls start to care about 20 percent, and what do the man do, he brings him into him, semi-hold him and made him feel safe. The women are all commanding the small boy, sit here, do this, and I think he did not even speak English, I almost went and consoled the boy, however a white man walking up to a young black boy can exacerbate the problem and the truth was I knew I was helpless for long-term solutions

The final at of kindness was when the plane is almost full the boy runs off, the man realizes this and goes after, the fat women are now at 5 percent care and the man is not at 90 percent, there is a small tug of war in the aisle, the boy lies down in protest, crying an away. The man stand up, no work, looks, gives him the eye, and than gives him his hand to walk down the aisle like father and son to find his mother.

Hard to imagine how callous some cultural groups can be, however my last distinct memory was watching a man on the plan spit on the flour four times inside the cabin. The emotions that go through my mind is anger, cringing, disgust. What type of person sleeps in their own defecation, come on, this is a plane, not your home? This is the type of individual who were bombarding this man while never losing his smile.

The one worker explains, they think they can demand.

To think of the same or myself as equal is very difficult some days, nonetheless every person deserves respect until they spit on the floor of a plane, I really do not care for excuses, and there is no excuse.

I thank the worker from Kenya Airways for showing a small dose of humanity I needed to see today.

Rare Kindness of Kenya Airways Man

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