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Ranong Thailand Visa Run

2007-10-27 15:26:00

Ranong Thailand Visa Run
I will do a Visa Run tonight to Ranong, Thailand on the Burma border, I suppose I should say Myanmar, I just feel bad because the locals more or less call it Burma, so why would I call it something different.
I will enter Burma, then leave Burma and enter Thailand. This is called a Visa Run, some strange ritual travelers do.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, October 28, 2007
Andy of ---

When a person steps back and says out loud.
- I am going to walk across the border, the walk back. -
- I am will leave for 15 minutes, the come right back to Thailand. -

I do this for most countries of the planet; I will travel for 10 hours and leave a country before I will deal with the bureaucracy of the country. I will do about anything to not have to sit in a government office and wait for the Gods that be decide my fate.

To do you first Visa Run or to renew a Visa is a sense of pride, in your mind you say,
- I have lived outside my country. -

A Visa run is a sure sign of a person that is on the road to being a traveler, or an Expat. I do hope that one day the world invents a better system or maybe we will just globalize and say, everyone can go to any country and live. I like this idea more and more, I tend to believe the Mexicans in the USA would go home after earning money, as this is all they want, and some rich girlfriends in Mexico City would come and stay a few months. Or all of Mexico would move to the USA, which is a real possibility.

If I were to live in Thailand, I would say that Ranong is on the short list of places I would choose to live. The Visa is easy, there are two or more islands one is called Koh Chang and the other is Koh Phayam, I think. I have been to Koh Chang I think three times, it is easy, quick and a nice peaceful island full of Germans and other travelers who do not seem to need bars. I do not know Koh Pha Yam or whatever the name is, but I think there is more Tourists.

The call this place, Koh Samui beforeā€¦ before it became a Tourist Trap. Tells you something about Koh Samui, all Islands or Tourist areas are on a timeline, too much time passes and kiss the tourist destination goodbye. A good tourist area has an obvious reason to Visit, like the Pyramids of Egypt.

I will get on a bus at night, and wake up there the next morning. I do not do drugs, but this type of bus trip is getting old for me. It makes sleeping pills and other downers seem tempting. Sleeping on a bus is not natural either, I am happy to not be taking the Tourist Buses from Khao San Road. The local or long distance Thailand ran buses are more comfortable than the tourist buses, the seats are wider, the people that run the buses are human, and they often have food served.
Craig from gave a good outline of the hotels in Ranong; however seemed to miss a couple. I am going to try to check out either the Spring Guesthouse. Ranong Hotels (Kiwi Orchard is on the Ranong Thailand page of Wiki and need to get the boot.)

Note, I hope this page revealed to Craig, you cannot quickly collect all the hotels in a city, you need to live there. Ergo the reason I created it allows a never ending list of hotels. And soon people will be able to list hotels, then data entry people, one way or the other we are pointed towards a comprehensive list.

Ranong has Hot Water Springs; a person should if nothing else goes towards the Spring Guesthouse and watch the people if they still do it, collect water that has been purified by heat.

The island of Koh Chang has a special Agro-Tourism area with Cashews and Rubber trees, a special Island on the planet, and empty of tourist and most tourists seem to fall into bars that are just like the ones from their home. (Koh means Island, so I am being redundant, but you know why.)

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Ranong Thailand Visa Run