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R Deficiency in Thailand

2007-10-30 16:55:00

R Deficiency in Thailand
Good with L not well with the R, there is a definite deficiency in Thailand of the letter R. I think Big Bird from Sesame Street needs to be called in for the epidemic… Oops sounds like an NGO, this R Deficiency is not an epidemic, it is endemic.

Easy to avoid, the Thailand people have no need to speak English, it is maybe a want, there is a big difference.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Andy of ---

The Thailand people regularly pronounce the letter R as an L, the word Farang is pronounced Falang. R and the letter L are related in the mouth and tongue. It is interesting to travel the world and hear the letter R and L intermixed or used as the same letter. I have learned to anticipate words. Similar to speaking Spanish in Argentina and needing to change the sounds of sh to yah, whereby I understand the word. Sometimes I need to think to myself, what is the word if I use an R and not an L, then I understand.

The Thailand girl I am traveling with here in Ranong explained a joke made in Thailand, she said there is some test where they ask the person if they had Rice, and the person says in English.
- Yes, I have Lice.-

I have known my friend for about three years, and I have accepted she is not going to stop; it is a humorous idiosyncrasy of the Thailand culture.

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R Deficiency in Thailand