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Purchased Fuji 18X Finepix 12,800 Baht

2007-10-28 00:38:00

Purchased Fuji 18X Finepix 12,800 Baht
Jumped from the Sony to the Fuji today, nervous decision, but the four AA Battery and a very quick time to take photos demonstration make the decision.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, October 28, 2007
Andy of ---

18,500 Baht for the silver Sony 15X with 2 Batteries or 12,800 Bat for the 18X Fuji with four AA rechargeable and one gig Sandisk chip and camera bag. I really needed to pay maybe more Baht and get three batteries and another charger to feel safe with Sony that in Africa I would have what I need to be redundant backed up.

Purchased at Panthip Computer mall about 100 Baht by Taxi from Khao San Road one way, and if lucky 60.

I now have another say 6000 Baht left over to buy a second small camera to with probably a 3X optical for my pocket as an extra camera backup when the Fuji breaks. The only dependable situation is two cameras and one small; I will also have the 3 what? Cell phone to backup as the third camera, to not have a camera this year will mean, someone robbed me of everything. I have never had a camera, cell or computer robbed in 10 years of travel, only one passport and 60 US dollars in two small thefts.

I have lost many items or forgot. Breaking is a bigger worry, and I am careful, but he pigs walking in front of motorcycle just are not predictable… Taxi driver throwing bags or bus drivers are a huge danger, nobody get to every carry the camera, computer bag for any reason, I am never that tired.

I have a flexible tri-pod that will help with the 18X wiggle while I am making an 18X long distance video of a the opposite sex doing a a wiggle. More photos and videos of the natives and crazy on demand foreigners coming up, you are welcome. I love a new gadget, a new toy.

For what is it worth to know, I spend about 700 dollars per year on camera and about 1000 dollars every two years on a computer. I have never used a warranty on a camera and every time used the warranty on the computer. A person need to coordinate the camera, the computer, the batteries and chargers at the same time, throw in a about 2 one gig thumb drives for the computer and never use a CD rom to back up photos, do it to the net, or on a thumb.

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Purchased Fuji 18X Finepix 12,800 Baht