Orodara a Populated Place

2007-10-03 05:40:00

Orodara a Populated Place
Orodara, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I am in Orodara, Burkina Faso; for some reason this Geography Term, a populated place has entered my world two times today. Working on HoboHideOut.com and the cities of the USA there is an identifier use called Populated Place, both times this phrase has almost negligible value to me.

I did not take the direct but to Bamako, Mali.

The direct bus from Bobo, Burkina Faso to Bamako, Mali if I took it would arrive at 21:30 and if all went as normal African time, I would think closer to 23:30 of almost midnight. I asked,
- Climatise? -
The ticket woman frowns, and shakes here head. This does not mean it is not Air Conditioned, it means one person answered no, however I felt she had a better than fair chance of being spot on, therefore negatives chance outweighs the benefits.

Most West African take showers at night, the bus for Bamako leaves at 8:30 in the morning, they are wearing winter coats, the temperature is close to 90 degrees. Everyone wants the windows closed, 12-16 hours of this and my olfactory nerves will take weeks to recover, the ride back from Banfora has already overworked them. African people are clean people, however, nobody is so clean you can just sit and sweat with the windows closed. It has come to my attention, they somehow ignore smells and loud noise, the TV is consistently louder than anywhere I have traveled.

Therefore, my best option is to do a populated place to populated place, skip and hop travel trip from Bobo to Bamako, Mali. I have landed at a populated place called Orodara, I think here is the capital of cheap cashews, and they are sold like peanuts here.

70 kilometers the small concrete road marker said as we cleared the populated place or areas of Bobo and 70 kilometers, this is not very far to travel, however, I have Thank-Any-God out ran the cling-ons of Bobo, Ouaga, and Banfora, I have left the Barbaric behavior of Bobo and enter the civilized city of Orodora, a populated place. I wonder why cities are the uncivilized parts of the planet, and the almost non-populated places are civilized, whatever the case, the people of Orodara are a pleasure to meet as they suffer through Coreme or Ramadan, just saying no to Cashews. My French to English translation on my computer calls it lent, maybe they are related, nevertheless the Islamic people are hungry and need a drink of water today, until about 6:00 PM and they will all run to eat and drink, I wonder if all the bars are busier after this time?

My room is 2500 CFA or 5 Dollars US here in Orodara, the Karma is back in alignment, and I left a room in the Cocotier Hotel in Bobo, very good, but for 7000 CFA and negligibly better. I think I will grow a beard, there is never a sink and mirror in my Hotels, they do not need to shave, and I guess I do not either, I guess I can give it up for Ramadan, shaving that is. I need to find a country where the black people have Paul Bunyan type beard, not goatees.

Orodara a Populated Place

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