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No Territorial Claim in Bangkok

2007-10-03 06:19:00

No Territorial Claim in Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia

I walk in the streets of Bangkok, relaxed in the knowledge I do not need to claim my territory, I will not be tested today.

Walking in the world of West Africa I continually was challenged, embroidered in small men against men conflicts. Men and women would access me, measure me, try to see what I was made of, who, what, why I am. The test of how much they could take of me, how much I would take of them, was it possible to dominate me.

Animalistic claiming of territory is not a yes or no, it is not on and off, it is small trials, small test of my manhood.

These tests are needed in the world; however, on the continuum from savage to civilized the many-layered cake that is created is like traveling from a world of continued battle to a world where we lose the ability to fight, however safe and clear.

99 percent of the men of the world do not need to prove themselves, and that is OK, the test in the world should be optional.

No Territorial Claim in Bangkok

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