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No Longer Need to Kick City Boy Butt

2007-10-16 23:37:00

No Longer Need to Kick City Boy Butt
I am from a town of 400-500 people according to who is counting and whether we include the illegal Mexicans working at the Chicken Farm. I am a Hoosier, by any definition, I am a hick, an unsophisticated person who came from the country. The Farm.

Now, my home city, a.k.a in the world it is a village is on the map. I had to own the map to make it happen, but now a person with a Home Stay will soon be able to rent one room to people in nowhere, center of USA, where people go to church and say excuse me, thank you, hello and goodbye in this island of a town.

Orland is on the MAP

Thank you Google Earth, I do appreciate this too much or in Thailand Mak Mak.
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Wednesday, October 17, 2007
By Andy of

What this means in small town USA, where Superboy lives in smallville as anywhere, we want to be a somebody, not a nobody, and we know we are not dumb, we are just naïve, we do not understand, gangs, violence, and treating people with no respect. It just did or does not compute.

I am removing the desire to kick some city boy butt and explain in smallville terms how respect for people works, the end of my personal problems. Maybe, … I hope not, would not have anything to think about.

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No Longer Need to Kick City Boy Butt