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My Lobby of United Nations for Safe Walking Surface

2007-10-19 05:41:00

My Lobby of United Nations for Safe Walking Surface
I believe just an opinion of by the United Nation could change the planet; I suppose just an opinion by George Bush. It is possible they do talk about this and I am not aware. The world architects, designers, construction people seem to be all flying North for winter.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, October 19, 2007
Andy of --- Promote Hotel

Slippery when wet signs need installed for the whole city of Bangkok.

This is NOT just a Thailand problem, it is a world problem. The world seems to continually make these very pretty and highly dangerous walking surfaces. This is a rather normal sidewalk in the Khao San are of Bangkok. I have on sandals, as does I suppose 90 percent of the folks in the area, and it is raining. I think, wow, this is slippery, I am young at spirit, my brain works fast, I anticipate, nonetheless how many people slip and crack their head on the planet in the name of making pretty sidewalks that do not function.

I just have a problem, laying down a sidewalk that is incredibly slippery seems off the wall negligent, however I see it so often, I have learned to ignore.

This is a lobby point, my personal lobby with the United Nations to set up some global safety standards. If they have, then someone post in the comments below. So much talk in the world, and nobody connect the brain, is the brains asleep?

All they have to do, it do a PR release, talk too much as is normal, point at some country and soon the world is safer. The wheelchair thing is an impossible hope, not really and issue, they must use the road until about 50 years in the future, but the world could stop making slippery sidewalk in the future.

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My Lobby of United Nations for Safe Walking Surface