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Letting Go of Control

2007-10-17 19:30:00

Letting Go of Control
I am 100 percent sure I control nothing, and when I think I am in control, I know I am delusional. When I finally admitted I was powerless over my life, and life had become unmanageable. I then was in good shape to know, darn,
- Life is Good! -
When I am not in a fight to control it.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Thursday, October 18, 2007
Andy of HoboTraveler.com --- Promote Hotel

There are our places of power, there is our ground, let the enemy come into our playground; we want them on our playing field. We want the home court advantage.

I was just having a Skype.com conversation with an overwhelming intelligent person from the USA. He has a war chest of internet links, toys, and ideas on how to travel when outside the USA. This is an amazing collection of small hints, ideas and advice on how to go outside his world and still live in his world.

More or less, he knows how to find his world, in other worlds fast.

I was laughing as we had a conversation about WIFI hotels. I more or less despise owners of WIFI Hotels, as they are empathy impaired, somewhat sterile with left one missing.

However, I am in one of the first WIFI hotels in my life that actually works, 90 percent of the Hotels features are in my acceptable range, and I have some workarounds that get the last 10 percent up to snuff, as I carry things like lights, extension cords, ways to keep the sheet on the bed, clotheslines to hang clothes where there is no hangers, etc. my war chest of ways to make a room work.

I am in GREAT shape, both home and on this unusual WIFI internet in a Hotel that works. ! This connection is a kicker, and I am at warp speed, no need to Beam me up Scotty this planet is nice, I think I will linger a while.

I am in a POWER position.

What is funny is the people in the USA leave a very high power position, the go into the world and return to a power position. I am normally in a very powerless position searching for a powerful place.

I can actually, while I am here, find two to three prospective hotels in the next city that would fit my need about 50-70 percent, hard to get up to 90. Note, if I paid 40 dollars per night in Thailand I could get all my benefits I want, but then for what reason at 40. For this price, I would go travel in Europe, and have more to see of interest, or in the USA, and have an even better package of Benefits. There is no doubt the cheap motel for 30 dollars in the USA is better on a basic room level than a 30 dollar hotel in Thailand, but when you leave the room in Thailand that is where the world changes.

I wish people were in Mali in a 12 dollar hotels, with a wildly slow internet café for about a month, and then try to tell me it is easy to find a fast connection in the next city.

To find a good internet WIFI connection that is at a good value in Thailand is a lottery of Thai headaches unless I just buy a way above the headaches and pay USA prices to live in Thailand.

Nevertheless, the bottom line is this, if you want high-speed connections then you better find them before you leave your high-speed connection. Then you will be happy to learn about 80 percent of the Hotels mis-represent their connections, so only one in five really works. Or you are living in a place, only a hermit would love.

Power to Power, this is the move you want to make, and finally you will have to admit you are powerless. I suspect that some people spend five weeks preparing to go on a two-week vacation and I am being kind not saying one year.

IF you have many personal problems, many personal creature needs, if you want to be in control, stay home, life will be better, you will not have to go home to have a vacation.

The world is a big mystical out of control situation and works just fine, but it has very bad WIFI at less than 15 per day for the hotel, or the normal price of an average hotel on the planet, and does real well when you get above 50, and there is no reason to leave a good country for a better value country and why travel for good value.

If I spent 50 dollars per day, I think I would spend about a year traveling around the USA. If I spent 100 dollars per day, I would go tour Europe, but I am young, and Europe is boring.

However, as my friend German Escobar in the Platypus Bogotá Hostel in Colombia says,
- Andy, you can travel Europe when you are old, it is easy. -

Europe is easy on 100 dollars per day; at 25, it is extremely annoying.

Plan your power plays, from a position of power, plan your search for your next position of power, and then plan on everything going wrong, SNAFU.

or maybe Contact Andy

The USA and Europe are about control, not my cup of tea, I gave that idea up.

Letting Go of Control

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