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Khao San Road WIFI

2007-10-10 04:27:00

Khao San Road WIFI
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I have moved into a hotel with WIFI, and somehow got the WIFI to work, all is good so far. The Hotel WIFI requiresd a key, password, this always require I travel with my own private tech staff, open systems are 500 percent better, as the staff of Hotels never seem to understand the Key. This one is a keyed one, however, the staff is very helpful and I heard the man calling some techie to try to suss out the problem.

It took about one hour to connect, using every combination, permutation and hope of finding the right combination. I suspect the WIFI may work in about 4-6 room, they are installing one on the third floor. I truly believe an Ethernet wire is better.

As long as there is concrete, there is a problem, WIFI is stopped by concrete. I really hope they jump to second-generation home WIFI routers, where the whole block is covered and not just 25 meters in line of sight. WIFI will go through a wood door, and if the wall is not too far from the router. Bottom line, you rent a specific room close to the WIFI router, and not just land in the hotel, only specific well-positioned room work.

Alternatively, I suppose you can go work in the common areas, but then why not just live in a room and go to the internet café.

I think the best internet is with Ethernet wire to all rooms, then WIFI in the common areas, and an open, non-key required system, with a some techie on staff… hee hee

I think in reality only about 1 in 10 WIFI works adequately to say, I have a dependable connection. The verdict is still being made here in the (Hotel Name Edited) near Khao San Road, but so far, I think the staff will keep it up and running.

WIFI sucks, but I need a connections, I am using flashget to download my 3.5 gig site as backup from some Tar file. We now have a designated server, and it does not provide backup, go figure… Well, we already have a system to synchronize send the site to another company server.

I am looking for my mobile office:

Khao San Road WIFI