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India Says Get Visa in Home Country

2007-10-20 16:41:00

India Says Get Visa in Home Country
There is a path between Asia and Europe and the USA for foreigners, India is on this path. It appears that India is removing their country from this Tourist or Travelers path. Travelers Visas for India has changed their Visa rules in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia already have, and Thailand may be soon follow. Soon maybe only a Thailand citizen will be able to get a Visa to India in Thailand. This is either brilliance or extreme stupidity, I know for this Hobo I will no longer travel to India because I will not be able to get a Visa easily.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, October 21, 2007
Andy of --- Promote Hotel

I have applied and received Visas to India in England, Egypt and Thailand, never in the USA. If this new rule becomes worldwide, I would have to fly home to the USA for the Visa to India. India is already on my I-do-not-love-country list, however, there are many reasons to go to India, and one is business…

The pros of this policy is they may slow the Rasta, Tattoo, non-employable Foreigners from flying from Southeast Asia and living in India on one dollar per day, taking cheap drugs India is knowm for and their inane search for Gods.

The Cons is the only Foreigners in Southeast Asia who will find a way around the rule will be these un-employable, the net result is these people will still go to Asia and the good normal travelers will not.

The huge Negative point is India business, in my theory of global business most global type entrepreneurial businesses are started by tourist. Yes, Microsoft and the big boys will go anyway. However, the startup businesses established from people hanging around in India will be slowed. Tourist and travelers carry new ideas, and India desperately needs some new ideas, they do NOT need the Rasta, Tattoo bunch going there and doing drugs, but they do need the people, who say while on a tourist trip.
-- This is good idea, I will import - export this to India. -

Indian people are know it alls, they are in this hangover from the English Noble class concepts, and their class system just enforces it. They truly believe in their in inherent culture some people are smarter than some classes of people. This is just another example of India proving they are not just and equal, and they for sure are not smarter. The essential problem with class systems are they do not listen to people below them in status, the close the door to learning from the whole world.

When a country makes a rule to exclude, they exclude the good and the bad still comes. Look at the USA; we have for years required Foreigners to return to their home country to apply for a Visa. The illegal aliens in the USA may outnumber the legal tourist. Right now the policy is to allow the trash of Mexico to come live in the USA and eventually give them citizenship, while the law abiding great Mexican has no chance to immigrate to the USA. Rather reverse Darwin in steroids. I think the USA should open the border to Mexico and allow the trash to escape easy, they want to go home, they just came to earn money, but now they are in a cage. I do want reciprocity, I want Mexico to allow the USA to also move to Mexico.

India needs to explain, what their secret, never thought out agenda here is. I do not like India, and now I like less. One more reason to not go to India, I do not need more reasons, I am overwhelmed with reasons already and I want to go to India, it has many stories to tell in a covered by cow manure way.

I wonder, do they want to be like Nigeria?

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India Says Get Visa in Home Country