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I do not Travel to See Religion Crap

2007-10-16 15:28:00

I do not Travel to See Religion Crap
I do not go look at Temples, Mosque, the Wats of Thailand, Voodoo, yes I stroll around, look at small, but to get a good view or to understand too much... You kidding me, I might get something on me, I think the guy down belows lives in these places, religions give me the creeps. God is good, when I do not feel the presences of good, I take a quick step, not that simple, but it is that simple, what I feel is good is simple.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Wednesday, October 17, 2007
By Andy of HoboTraveler.com

A great video of the shell game that is being played in the world. Under some shell is the bean, they hide the reality of War. The modern world is a fantasy, 80 percent of the planet is a developing nation using Religion to cause problem. Read up on Marx, a failed idea, an d always corrupted, but insight and understanding was his talent, his solution just does not work, good try though.

I have no problem with the good Gods, it is the people in management... right now as we speak Buddhist Monks in Burma are involved in something, why is a Monk involved in violence, they at that first lays chip, and could not stop themselves from going to door number two.

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Thanks to Craig of www.travelvice.com for sending the video to watch.

I do not Travel to See Relgions Crap

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