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I Am an Annoyed Little Webmaster

2007-10-13 20:33:00

I Am an Annoyed Little Webmaster
Where have I been for the last two or three year, out in the Jungle of Africa, I need to get to work. I am afraid, the money I need to travel the planet is in jeopardy, and nobody to blame but the big me. Used to be I had to guess, and use instincts to make a webpage, I have discovered all the rules of making a webpage are outlined on the net, and I have not read any of the rules for 2-3 years. Bad boy, very bad boy, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, October 14, 2007
By Andy of

I make my living by typing words in a page, and hoping by what they call organic search, I am found by someone when searching in, Msn, etc and then someone is tempted to click on an advertisement, whereby I make small change, but enough to allow me to travel the planet. All is temptation play, no forcing the play in my ballpark.

There are rules to this trade, and I must obey, they constantly change the rules, and a person needs to adapt, and hope the page they designed 7 years ago still is in the game, and if not, change the site, bottom line, I must adapt, and maintain.

I found two absolutely lovely links on how to make pages in the last two days, that basically outlines the rules of the game. In the past, there was an extreme lack of clarity, and lucky for me, I designed the good site and won the first game.

Now I am in game two, second level internet, the big boys, from the next town are coming, the city kids, the farm boys, need to kick some tail and time to wake up and bail hay. I am early riser, about 4 to 5 AM in the morning, my Fathers Son and proud to be so, hard to beat me at getting them worms. I must however remember to the goal is to get worms.

The two pages are, and go figure, one was made by Webmaster Guidelines
They are making it easy, and I forgot to go read to the worm.

Next page, more nebulous, but is very clear.
How to design a web page

Why do they not just put this food on the table for me, and spoon feed me, I know that content is not only the king, I must read, reading is the secret to making pages, look at one very specific aspect of my page, then go look for explanations to design. Find a collaboration, figure out who is clueless, avoid the forums and camaraderie, work not talk, and feel who is lying, and then make the best decision, and if you have good instincts, you win, but only about 1 in 500 because the 499 refuse to do this, read, they want to post, chat, or try to get famous, they will not read and work, and they just cannot implement.

I used to read about 20 newsletters per day on how to do this, and I un-subscribed because they filled up my box in Africa and made it impossible to read my essential family and friends emails. I am back in the game, I can feel the juice, I have the rush, I am a player again, I am going to the show.

IF you want to keep this boy in Africa, he must have cash, to rant, rave, and tell the world the truth. If you have a webpage of any type, do me a favor, link to this page link below here and I will be a happy boy. Sadly, nobody pays me to rant and rave, and thank God, I would then have to avoid them, I would not be able to tell the stark truth, every small favor in life has a string, and the paid travel writers who work for magazine, papers, and such, are tied up with a thousand strings, and cannot move without lying to keep their kidnappers happy. I am free, and will remain free, or I will go home, play in the corn of Indiana, and call it No Joy, back of Maverick, get above the ceiling.. Topgunā€¦

This link, my new big boy toy, the show, do me a favor, make a link.

Label it:

Submit URL of Hotel and Make Free Webpage
I suppose the code below woud be helpful, in the source.

Submit URL of Hotel and Make Free Webpage

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I Am an Annoyed Little Webmaster