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HTML and the Old Days

2007-10-12 19:34:00

HTML and the Old Days
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Saturday, October 13, 2007
By Andy of

I have become lazy in the last couple of years; I think I have been in decompression from my first maybe eight years of travel. For the last two or so years, I have been resting on my HTML rewards, I earn money from my site.

HTML means Hyper Text Markup Language, I think, it is the code or language of a simple webpage, if you clicked on View a the top of your page, then on Source if you are on Windows Explorer as a browser you will see all this code. I call my worker in India a coder, because he plays with this code, so do I but I use Frontpage and all the WYSIWYG toys I can find, I have no desire to code. I do fix a lot of code and instruct in SEO code.

I am effective and efficient I have learned, now how amazing easy it is to make a page on a high-speed connection. I have almost never in my life had a real high speed connection in my room or home. I have been on this one WIFI connection in my hotel room, and life is too easy. I am used to making HOPE-they-are-perfect-pages, putting on a thumb drive, publishing in an internet café and hoping I did make a perfect page, most of the time I do not even check, no time, just on the fly pages.

Not the way to make a site free of errors, but I have no choice about 90 percent of the time, unless I suppose I want to get a room in the back or sleep on the floor like workers in Internet cafes, I make the choice, I have a life, I enjoy travel first, HTML toys second.

HTML, PHP, SQL, AJAX and a long list of Acronyms I try to not learn are used on the site, I try not to learn, because it is like this, do it, do not define it. I want my goal on the page accomplished, I am not sure of the path to the goal, and often I do not care. Plus, I do not enjoy talking geek, I enjoy making enough money to buy Chicken Fried Rice in abundance, and occasional ice cream cones. I would live in WIFI room always if I could find them where I wanted to live, not in some five star, pay to say you was there, boring not the country room.

I however am the cook; I taste the PHP, HTML and look at if from old school eyes of experience, ….
----- Hmmm is not going to like that, or this is good. -

I live, eat, and drink by a bible of rules I collect rules on how to make a page, all this is code and terms, and too many ideas for one small brain, for sure there is some fuzzy logic, hard to conceptualize, only a Betazoid with a mind meld to can make a good page. My guess is about 1 in 5,000 make more than 5 dollars per day on a page, and really the reason is simple, they do not work. That stops about 99 percent, then with the 1 percent who have the natural I speak HTML, then there is only a small percentage of them who have empathy with, more or less what I normally hear is, this is the way it should be, and not accepting how it really is, they want to accommodate them, and guess what, that does not happen, and I am glad, gives readers, NOT me, what they want, I have to give readers what they want, and then is happy.

In the end, the ultimate secret is to type many words into a page, make it HTML simple, and follow some repetitive rules. I am baffled but the I hate my father groups, 99.9 percent of the planet just refuse to follow any rules and fail. NOTE- Flash dooms a site to failure.

Well, I am sitting around in this AC room, and reading all sorts of funky things, for example,
- Absolute links or Relative Links, what is better? -

I read a load of rules, then I suss out who is lying, then make my own decision and I do good, but changes the rules, so they want to make it fun. I collect rules, the perform rules, and hope to convince boy genius in India to obey, and not make too clever pages in dynamic databases, that kills a bot dead.

I really hope nobody reads this page, but it is my collection of pivotal or essential rules page of and all his sisters sites. A set of policies on how to make pages, maybe fun for the think-too-much HTML crowd. I am nostalgic today, I have been playing a lot with code, and I forgot I was good at it, code, not pretty pages, there is a big difference, and I am the boss of SEO, not the boss of Graphics.
Policy to Make Web Sites

The real truth is this, a simple made HTML pags is old days and the best for to read, all the toys, just is confusion for the bot or robot that reads my pages. OR does not read my pages, or reads and will not tell anyone.

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HTML and the Old Days