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Home Repair

2007-10-13 10:20:00

Home Repair
My home is under repair, I do not like the question,
- When do you go home?
- I say,
- I live here. -

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Saturday, October 13, 2007
By Andy of HoboTraveler.com

My Family and Friends back home in Indiana do not want to hear this, but the truth is, today I must accept, my home is in Bangkok, Thailand. I have a one bedroom, home, no kitchen, AC, cold water shower, a desk and no chair to use with the desk. I have a nice mirror on the wall, and one in the shower. Tomorrow my home may be somewhere else, and I have my home on my back, today I live here.

I have home furnishing; however, my home is in need of home repairs. I fixed my reading light today, it needed a new socket, I sprayed my room for them small insects that infest the whole world, and I consider this a luxury, 1.25 to make sure my room is free of insects.

Home repairs are numerous, the storage compartments or lockers, a.k.a. backpacks were destroyed in a motorcycle rent; I purchased two new ones complete with cart wheels.

I need to repair the phone in the room, the charger cable is showing copper, and the repairs are numerous. Many moons ago, and a few suns, I was in Quito, Ecuador, I thought of this as a stocking up city, a place where I could get supplies. Oh yes, I purchased a new battery for my alarm clock today.

Bangkok is a good place for Travel Home Repairs, easy to travel, taxis are metered and cheap, and the sell all of China here, I can buy everything I need to live on the road.

In the past it was a stocking up city, now I call it Base Camp

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Home Repair

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