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Hobos Work and Travel

2007-10-27 18:48:00

Hobos Work and Travel
- The past 25 years have seen the most dramatic reduction in extreme poverty that the world has ever experienced. -
Quote from the United Nations

A Hobo is a person that travels to work.
A tramp is a person that travels and won't work.
A bum is a person that will neither travel or work.

I need a job, I need money, my family is starving, I will do anything, give me a job. I am hungry, I am a man.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, October 28, 2007
Andy of ---

Freedom from want, a lofty idealistic, no meat on the table goals.

I am not a beggar, you can take away anything I have, my bags, my freedom, my home, you can take it all by hook, crook, extortion or the police can just take me. However, I am 100 percent positive.
“I must give you my pride.”

I have suffered the shame of poverty, not a fun thing to say, but I remember my parents bringing me chicken every week. They would drop off chicken at my home. I would cook it during the week. I was on house arrest after my fourth DWI, I was a miserable person.

I would think about some Bob Dylan,
“When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose.” ~ Bob Dylan

I had to say some Johnny Cougar quote,
“Nothing matters and what if it did.”

I truly think that thought saved my life, it told me, nothing is so important that you need to off yourself. When people kill themselves it is not because they need a reason, then need a reason to not do it, so if it does not matter, there is no reason. Dylans idea was not a help, when you got nothing, you go nothing to lose…

I suppose the little bum Hobo has a special place in my brain; it is reserved as a way to remember, to be grateful. Too many years and we have a built in forgetter, we forget our path, we forget, I did this, I did that, and I am responsible. I was that person, I am, I are that person.

Take away the fun crap, and a Hobo is a man without a job. Then a man with pride who wants a job. So, they run out the door, and run down the road, they put their thumb, they jump a train, and they buy a cheap ticket on a bus to where they hope is work. The go and find there is no work, but there was a job, stand in this lot, some truck will come and pick you up, and dump you out, you will make a few dollars. You will earn enough to eat today.

Mothers have a special pain; they need to feed their children while the man is out drinking. It is the way of the world. I was a very fortunate son, my father never drank. I think there is some story about rolling a truck after a baseball game.

I was born under a lucky star, and gamble the luck away for about 28 years, then the star looked down on me and said, it is up to you, nobody is going to save you. I gave you luck, and you keep refusing the gift, what do I have do, just accept, the wolrd is good, the life is good and you just have to be a good boy.

One day after another, one day at a time, I am a good boy, and what do you know luck looks down and gives me unlimited happiness and the right to complain. Because when you have enough, you complain, because it becomes a hobby, the more I had, the more I complained. Now I am very good at it, and think, wow, what a waste of energy.

To run to a place where you hope. To run to a place where you think, you your heard was a job.

Ok, so I have played around for years. The basic theme of is not to be a tourist; it is somehow to find a job to continue to travel. We that travel already know we love to travel, we are also tourist, but there is something magical about the road. It is an addiction.

I am doing well, I have enough, more than I need, more than I want, and more than a few people look at me with respect, when someone looks at you without respect, no amount of pride can stop the feelings.

So back to the issue, how to help the other Hobos to travel the earth, look for jobs. I have been in a dilemma the last few days as two and two came together and I was trying to work on my project. I have many projects and hope I bore everyone, this is my life, and hope you see, a good project keeps a person out of trouble, that idle hands thing. The long-term travelers need to go home, they become nuts, drink, drug, they just do not know how to be free, they need a job to tell them what to do, I think they need a project, and for sure I do not want to hear them save the world, quote this and complain, I want them to work on a solution to what they perceive as problem, or well, do something so they shut up and stop talking about being a vegetarian, not a very macho thing to do, and at the end of the day, I am an Indiana Farm boy, hard to listen to the noise.

The problem with jobs.

A person in Thailand may make at Joe Blow about 5-10 USA per day, 80 percent of the planet, the guy that digs the holes makes less than 10 dollars per day. Then we have the halves who make 20 times that and say they are poor, as they go to the mall.

In the end, everyone wants money, and truthfully, I cannot honestly say I saw a person I thought could die from hunger. I just have not seen it, I have seen skin diseases, I have seen what cars do, and I have seen beggars with no legs from a car. I just do not see much hunger, I do see want.

In the end, we need to distribute the wealth. I think some of the people should work less and allow some others to get a job, or think; I can make some jobs… I suppose I respect Bill Gates, here is a person that has made many jobs on the planet, and feeds a ton of people.

Making jobs is to me a noble thing to do; it is a great and prideful way to give a Hobo a job. This Hobo needs a job Joe; let him clean the back 40 of weeds. The farmer knows the man is beat up, probably cannot handle the heat, but better to give him work, then to just give him money, do not give, it will buy his pride, give him work, where there was none that was needed to be done.

I really despise people that give people money; I think they like to make fun of people. I will give money to a person, but it has to be me and them, and the wall, I do not think I should tell the wall. It is not to be trusted. Give in secret, one on one, and say, pay me back when you have it, this is a loan. Or give it back to someone down the line, someone who needs it, but I want it back, and you are obligated to give it to someone less than you, or back. I will not buy your pride.

Ok 50 cent per business card. I have this horribly complicated project, how do I collect all the Hotels names and addresses on the planet. I am getting close to having a CP… a Control Panel whereby a person could say.
- Andy, I know a hotel that I like, can I recommend it? -
- Yes, Margaret, go here and post it, I am sorry, you must also take a digital camera, photograph the business card of the hotel, and post is with the listing, we need some backup proof it is really a hotel.-

You don't trust me I think... No, I need a business card.

I keep wanting to say to some travelers, you can do this, but the truth is 50 cents per card is probably too cheap for a halve on the planet. The can go back to McDonalds and make money a lot easier and faster. I on the other hand cannot afford to pay more than 50 cents per proven hotel, and I am not good at getting help for nothing. People do not feel sorry for me, and do not just help me. Some help in other ways, but the average Joe thinks I am a jerk, and this is ok.

50 cents is one-half the daily wages of many people on the planet, so this is a windfall proposition for some people in say, Uganda or Nepal, or Haiti or any place where earning 50 cents 10 times in day would be a job.

I guess I am thinking, I am dwelling, how to somehow induce people to collect Hotels, or Guesthouses, I really do not have a proper word. I am thinking Tourist Rooms is best. To collect business cards of Tourist Rooms and add to the site. We are also collecting list form Tourist Offices, but this normally only helps the Hotels that do not need helps, and the rough, cheap ones are not there. You know the Hobo priced ones.

I want them all, this is the problem, the Five Star ones are too easy, the 2 dollar minus one star ones are a big problem.

Oh well, any suggestions are welcome, I have an online job application. It has been there for about two years, and two years ago, we started to tap into the world’s job market. I knew two years ago I wanted to collect business cards of hotel. I also knew and accepted, it would not just be me, I needed to tap into the world, and I need to find people in all 252-310 countries of the planet. (I really wish that were a definite number).

Jobs for people who need five dollars per day

Funny, I lived in Thailand on five dollar per day for about one year, and still find cannot help but look for he cheap room, it is what I are.

or maybe Contact Andy

Hobos Work and Travel