Helping Travelers Travel in Africa

Helping Travelers Travel in Africa
Orodara, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I now am now reading quite a few Travel Journals thanks to the RSS reader.

I hear many things,

I want to be famous.
I am an authority.
I am here; this is a good or bad place.
I am not writing a travelogue, I am writing an article.
Here, look at my photos. ( I am on Flickr.)
These are the facts, because I said so.
I hate my country, and so should you.
I am sorry, I do not post, I want to, but I am too busy.
I have this all planned, I will be here on this date, and leave on this date.

All these reasons are good; the one I like to hear is most, what I want to hear is,

…hello how are you, what do you think, did you hear this, and maybe this idea will help others travelers travel…
(Passive voice)

I know he or she is in a different country, however I know we are on the same path, yes, I will follow you, and thank you.

Helping Travelers Travel in Africa

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