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Flying Blind with Shame and Pride

2007-10-19 17:36:00

Flying Blind with Shame and Pride
I live in the desert, I sens flash messages back to the world, and tell them of my progresses or failures. The world receives them, and I receive only one percent feedback of the quality of the missives. I am liked or carried by my writing, My unique perception of the world explained in a Jack Kerouac, absent-minded professor, lovable enough because everyone knows I am telling the truth. It would not be impossible to fake those truthful explanations in a posturing way. I really do get lost on the way to the store… then can explain how to go back to the store with pure clarity.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Saturday, October 20, 2007
Andy of --- Promote Hotel

I have not looked at my own web site in seven years. I do not think I have ever seen my own web pages. When I am in the USA, at my parents home, where I can do this unlimited surfing, I am at the speed of slow dialup, and Verizon stops everything tehie from happening… just a pain in butt company for webpage publishing.

I have now looked at my own internet pages after being in the desert of the outside world for seven years.

Wow, what a bunch of crap, this thing is a disaster zone!

Then, I think… I have designed the architecture, the backend, the structure of this page, that works great, even with the worst of the worst layout, extra code, just pure chaos on the outside and sometimes on the inside. The SEO or Search Engine Optimization is so good, that I got about 7000 unique visitors on the page yesterdya, and used to get from10 to 15,000 unique with the same ugly look, but perfect SEO Architecture. is changing their rules so I need to work to play by their rules, I am glad they change the rules, they make their users happy, not me.

It is amazing I make one penny, and I am making a hundred.

Now, that I am looking at my naked site, I am going to clean it while I am on this fast connection for the first time in seven years. I have been making pages 99 percent blind, I just publish them and hope they are ok, because my in the desert, in the too slow, flash send to the world published pages from some of the worst internet cafes on the planet. I did have the ability to check what I sent. I have checked now… wow… likes my site, but they have a limit of overlooking some code problems and such, they are now saying, by way of slower traffic,
- Andy, time to fix them there pages, and enter the new world of high speed MTV, get a life, talk on two cell phone web pages. -

It is a challenge, not as big as you think, really just a lot of work, but I am having fun playing the algorithm search engine change the rules on the fly game.

A web site is not about today, I must design a site that is appreciated by or the next big boy on the block 3-5 years from now.

This is the art, to predict the what the future of the interne is, I am betting my instincts, opinions and all my work that I am right, I have been winning tremendously.

Now, the fun part, I can make this new toy, and not repeat the many errors of It is amazing to myself, how much traffic I have, carried solely on a great architectural web design, this is my pride.

Nevertheless, the truth is, the King has had no clothes for years, and nobody explained clearly this to him… Your site is a mess!. Now, I have a mirror, and I can see, wow, this site is damaged goods. However, a good backend, code, behind the ugly face, sort of the soul is good, but the face is ugly. I am lucky to have a good soul.

Note, I have never been able to put the whole site in my Microsoft Front Page program because the RAM was too low in my prior or old computers. I am actually on the same page, life is too easy in these modern times with a better computer, designatd server, etc.

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Flying Blind with Shame and Pride