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Counting Coup on Cars

2007-10-25 23:18:00

Counting Coup on Cars
I realized I have developed a strange habit. I do not trust cars, buses, taxis or any vehicle. I see them as extreme danger. I find I touch them, do a small knock on their back fenders or side.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, October 26, 2007
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

I just took my knuckle and tapped on the back of a Thailand Taxi, as he was accelerating over the Zebra. He never stopped, cut about 10 inches from my feet, and this is normal in 80 percent or more of the planet countries. I find I do one of two things, I often touch, then tap. And if I have something in my hand, I am carrying trash as normal in the world before I go my 50 meters or so and just drop it, well, there are many trucks in places like Africa so I just drop the trash in the back of the truck better than the ground. hehehe

If the enemy is close enough to touch, I touch, count coup and see if they even notice. Note, the enemy does not like this… a person that endangers me… a car close enough to touch with no effort should never be moving.

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Counting Coup on Cars

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