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Changes Made to New Backpacks

2007-10-17 20:34:00

Changes Made to New Backpacks
I wrecked my two backpacks in Togo when the Motorcycle Taxi guy hit a pig, and I have scars. My body is healed, the backpack were using rope to closes as I redundant designed. However, I decided, time for a change. I do not volunteer to be a victim of temptation robbery so I needed cut these new bags up.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Thursday, October 18, 2007
Andy of --- Promote Hotel

This is my new trolley tramp roller coaster Backpacks. I am going for the wheels, not yet up to what I want, but I am tired of carrying 80 pounds or 40 kilos, I think I am getting nerve damage from the straps. The wheel need to be wider apart and bigger for mud puddles.

Both bags cost 1400 Baht or about hmm 3 x 14 = 42 US dollars. Not bad for two bags, and will last about as long when I reinforce them and add some fixes. I was going to make backpack with three rows of stitching and not the standard row of one on my design.

This is the smaller carry on size, not really, but I think I can try, the wheels will help pretend to be carry on size. Carry on is an ok idea, but getting it under the seat, in the rack above, this is the problem. This is 24 inches high, about 2 above what they say they will take, and it is too fat. This is 12, and I think 8 inches is desired and 10 are acceptable and never trust airlines….

Most carry on bag I see are about 14-16 inches fat, and I know will not fit in that steel cage they show, but rarely use. 60 percent of the passengers would have too big of bags, impossible to use, and the pilot for sure has too many bags.

This has four to five pockets on the outside. There is zero way to lock these pockets, as is standard on the too nuts to sell backpacks. Backpacks are made 90 percent for trekking and used 90 percent on buses and planes. This one has admitted it, it has wheels, but this is a knock off, I purchased something called check-point brand, and I wanted red and blue so they bring out Lowe Alpine that was the same bag, just different color, this is NOT a Lowe Alpine bag, probably made by little Asian people in Vietnam, I hope Thailand.

Tall or height is not a big problem, too fat is, this backpack will need to go under bus seats, above train seats, and in baggage compartments of cheap and expensive airlines. It cannot not be plump, the front pockets had to go, and I left one pocket on the right so I could wear this on the front of my body and pack a guidebook. This one is fat.

They look naked, but this is good, I lost too much color, hard to recognize my bag from a distance with black. Notice the ONE outside pouch for a guidebook.

NOW! I have only one zipper to lock, and I am safe, secure and I can lock this to my bed, keep girls out of my bag when they stop over to say hello. The house cleaner cannot do some temptation theft, as all is snug as a bug in rug inside the bag, with no pockets in free open range.

This is called a padlock slider, THE NEW BAG HAS THIS. I am always searching for the ideal one, I have only seen one, the best one on the planet so far. This photo is far from ideal, the tab pulls will break off, and this is just to stop the people without a knife. I will replace the small lock with a round steel loop so I can use a bigger lock or put two locks on this and use a bigger lock.

Ideal Padlock Slider or Best I have seen

Every bag is ok, they just need modified, and really a big army duffle bag would work good, if I was only using one bag, and not two, no computer and nothing breakable.

I wished Thailand wore shoes, and not sandals, hard to get repari made in non-shoe countries.

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Changes Made to New Backpacks