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Cash is required for Travel

2007-10-14 16:46:00

Cash is required for Travel
I need about 15 US Dollars per day minimum to travel the planet, and really closer to 25, but can live for five to three in some countries. It is a balancing act, some place I pay a lot, like in Africa or Europe, then others like India and Thailand I can live on five dollars per day.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Monday, October 15, 2007
By Andy of HoboTraveler.com

I was reminiscing about some over-two year travelers I have met, there is one common discussion, we need money. We need to somehow continue to feed our travel addictions. They are not liberal save the planet, hug a tree dreamers, they know,
- Cash is King, without money, I cannot travel. -

They are not all on the up and up, the majority is cheap, weasels who will twist a situation to rook a better deal, travelers are extremely selfish group, and all is done for self.

I have had a lull in my money, it forced me to remember my five dollars per day travel I did for years.

Sacrifice is what true travelers will say, they say,
- For five dollars per day, I will live in Guatemala. -

The sacrifice all creature comforts, to buy just one more day of not going home, they are addicts, including myself.

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Cash is required for Travel

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