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Buying is the Travel Sin

2007-10-22 18:19:00

Buying is the Travel Sin
I am on this pivotal idea kick, I keep trying to find the pivotal concept that reveals all, and the one way of looking at an issue, that resolves the question. Africa taught me that jealousy is a basic evil desire of humans, as I saw at the simpler cultural levels, jealousy became a dangerous problem. In the more convoluted brains of the developed cultures, motivations are not clear, the reasons for behaviors are hidden behind many smoking guns.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, October 23, 2007
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It is painful for me in my Betazoid body to watch people buy, well, they buy everything, it is not important; they buy anything providing there is money in their pocket. I can feel their frustrations, there is never enough cycle, they must continue to buy, and they will get up tomorrow and go buy again, the whole in their chest is never closed, the wind just tickles the edges.

Jealousy is when I want what another person has, or I do not want you to have it, I do not want you to have something I do not also have.

This is the complicated way of saying it:
You shall not covet your neighbor's house; you shall not covet your neighbor's wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor's.

What is up with this Male Servant clause…? Hehehe
Ok, back to the issue.

I am suppose to be happy when you do well, if you go out and make lot of money, and I have none. I should be happy for you. I truly am proud that Bill Gates comes from the USA, he is rich and he deserves every penny.

I am happy that Norway is first on the HDI - Human Development Index, and want to go there to see why the USA is 10 or somewhere down the line. I would like to go and learn how I can do better.

I truly believe the problem with Israel is, well, these boys and girls are endowed with too many brains, they make everyone nervous. If I am stupid, better to keep the smart people away from me… On the other hand, if I am not jealous better to make them my friend. I personally go searching for smart people, seem like the bright thing to do, find a smart person and follow them, and then I can be lazy brained.

Well, this is what I learned, it is not the sin just to want something, and it becomes the sin when you go buy it. To want, to need, to desire, to dream, to hope, to sit around dwelling on what I can buy… To believe that something I do not have will make me happy, this does not work.

I wish I could buy something to make me happy, what a waste of money for me, I am already happy. But, I tell myself I am happy more than I tell myself I am not, there is a bigger pile of thoughts on the one side than the other side.

I do have these very small enjoyments. I go buy Iced Coffee and the trade of is this, I could go buy an Iced Coffee or a new Computer and today I think I would rather buy the Iced Coffee.

I keep learning as I have less and less, my backpack is limited, I cannot buy much, there is no place to keep it, and darned if I am going to send things home to a place I do not live. I live here, today. I will die someday and a big pile of junk will be left for a garage sale, why?

I buy something, then the something I buy, owns me.

I buy something, and then I worry about someone stealing it, borrowing it, or me losing it. Too much work I cannot be bothered.

I do want money, I want enough money that when someone steals something I need like my underwear, I just go and buy some more, I do not live in want. I want to replace everything in my backpack painlessly.

Nevertheless, to want is not the sin, to buy is the acting out of covet, the desire, the wanting.

I do very little in the day, I do not want, I do not desire, I do not need, I for sure do not go shopping. I have about 90 percent less to do than the other travelers or tourist around me. I also am not in need of some body rush; I do not need to go see something of beauty to have a good day. I am a boring person. I do not spend 90 percent of my day shopping.

I am probably addicted to ideas, I like to ponder, and I have this never-ending series of thoughts in my brain. I like to think, I love the game of problem solving. All this came to past as a friend told me I was trying to make traffic to my site to make money… I thought, no, I am trying first to have enough money, and not decreasing, that is scary when I start to slowly go lower, as there is a bottom. I love the game of thinking, of having complicated ideas.

However, I have trouble getting motivated for money, what would I do with money, buy another backpack. I have the best backpack I can play with today; it is the best I found to play with here in Bangkok. What am I going to do, buy two iced coffees?

Yes, there is always some small tweaks, and if I had unlimited money, I suppose I would not wear that t-shirt two days in a row. I think every person on the planet should move into a one-room home, it would stop them from buying….

Gong, you lose, I see people buy small backpacks, and then what do they do, the carry two big plastic bags of junk, and the small backpack. I carry a big backpack, but I accept, I need this amount of things to be happy, but then again, I do not own anything.

I have nothing to protect, everyone has more than I do, but I am fabulously wealthy, I smile, and I have time, I have time to ponder while everyone else tells me, I am too busy. I think when a person says they are too busy, they have lost the game. Somebody made them work for the man, they are in jail, totally out of control, and there lives have been purchased.

I tend to think, they bought so much, and they spend all their time maintaining or preserving their lifestyle and gave up their life. The for sure do not have time to talk….

Strange as it seems, I can call a person on, a person I have not talked to in six months and they say,
- I am too busy to talk. -

Alternatively, do they mean, Andy you mean nothing to me, so I do not want to talk to you. I see both ideas as the same, oh well; I have time to talk if they ever stop buying and sinning. They are still my friend, they are just stray sheep.

A rich person does not want, a rich person has time, however, forget to smell the roses, I go buy iced coffee and take Hollywood showers. I do what I like, you do what you like and we will meet by chance, and life is good.

Buying is the Travel Sin