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Buying a New Camera

2007-10-23 15:39:00

Buying a New Camera
The screen of my 12X Sony Camera broke when the motorcycle taxi hit a pig in Togo and we crashed. The pig was ok, the camera, me, and my backpack have scars. I have been looking through the old fashion viewfinder now for months. And now, my camera has a ghost inside it, and it starts on its own. This would be not so bad, if the ghost would leave some battery power for me after it is done.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Wednesday, October 24, 2007
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I am clueless about the Ghost, maybe my one Thai friend turned on some automatic type mechanism in my camera when she was playing with it. Whatever, .... the camera starts on its own.

I sit my 12X Sony Camera down, it will make that small noise and power up, next time I try to use the camera the batteries are dead. The only way to use now is to remove the batteries and insert them when I want to take a photo.

How fast of draw am I?
Am I a good cowboy?
Can I draw and shoot my camera faster than you?
Who will win in a shootout at the OK Corral?

First priority in purchasing a camera is probably… how fast does it power-up or become ready to take a photo. I sat an Olympus camera down and have never touched it again, It was dead, the person I wanted to photograph was gone, and I was always holding the camera saying to myself.
- Faster, faster, faster, you stupid camera, turn on. -

I have not read and clear methods of knowing speed, the only way I know to test is to take both cameras and hold side by side and try them.

I know the Sony is relatively fast, so hard for me to want to buy a different horse.

Second consideration is the Optical, NOT Digital zoom. I have found the 10X plus range is great, and now they are doing the up to 18X and maybe more. I was ready, primed, I was going pro, and I wanted to buy the Sony SLR Single Lens Reflex camera, which means little to me…

18X or 15X will serve as a SLR in 98 percent of photos.

With the SLR camera, I can remove a small lens and load on a larger and larger lens until I could view ants at 100 meters away or at least a surfer. This is the big camera hanging around people neck, saying,
- Rob me, or I be Photographer. -

I was laughing yesterday on Khao San Road as I saw about 10 of these cameras in a row. There is some serious penis envy enforced in the camera shops. I truly believe about 1 in 50 people need to purchased these large lens cameras. I think it takes about 10,000 photos before a person can become a good critic of photo taking methods.

Oh well, someone has to buy to create competition so I can buy cheaper if I can ever find a good reason.

Size is the problem; a person does not take the best photos when they cannot carry the camera in their hands. I go to dodgy, well maybe dangerous places; for sure, they would steal a camera if I had it hanging around my neck. I think the only place you really need the expensive long lens camera is where they will rob you or beat you if you use the camera. My goal is to get far enough away from the people to steal a photo without them catching me.

I want small, the Sony 12X was small, the big lens ones, the pro ones require I buy a backpack before I buy the camera, there is no way to buy a camera without buying a special backpack to carry the I-wanna-be-photographer crap. I do not want to be a photographer, I just want great photos, and I do not want to know what f-stop is.

Batteries and battery management, this is the art of taking many photos. To be pro, I would need to have about 5-10 sets of battery replacements and I need to use a battery tester to make sure they are really charges. A battery charger can say the batteries are pregnant and they are not, nothing worst than putting non-charge batteries in a camera fast to capture the great photo fast and the batteries do not work.

Sony went to the AA battery system on the 12X, now they seem to have gone back to the proprietary battery model… I am annoyed; I think they should go to a four or maybe eight battery system. I want the camera to have enough power to push out a great photo. I am positive weak batteries make for bad photos. I need to remove the half-used batteries and put in new ones to be pro, who wants to be pro, I just want to snap photos quick, and pretend I am pro.

SLR or Sony 15X, or now the new contender a 18X Finepix I found for about 100-200 dollars less.

Does 3X zoom make a big difference; I suppose I should bet on a known horse and buy the Sony.

The SLR Sony is out of the running, the stupid thing, I pay 800-1000 dollars for a camera and have fewer features… It will not take a MPG movie, so what is the point. I am not going to carry three cameras. I think two is good… I want to take videos.

I am going to carry the Sony 15 X and a small cell phone with a 3 million-pixel photo capacity. I can sneak photos with the cell camera better than I can with a camera that says, look at me, I am taking your photo. There is nothing on the planet more common than a person looking at cell phone, it is the thingy that women are using to replace the thingy of men.

I have not purchased a camera yet, I am still in the make up my mind phase as my other 12X install batteries to use camera is annoying me.

This is the proven horse, I know the Sony is reliable.

15 X lens, and uses a special lithium battery, I need to buy 2-3 or 10 of them to be happy, no more AA off the shelf, can buy in an emergency, I will be nailed to the wall with the Sony Battery.

18 X lens, three more, and uses 4 AA batteries as is my understanding and cost about 4000 Baht less here in Bangkok.

Speed, I have a need for a speed, I want to be the fast draw, and I really do think that taking photos fast is required to capture the best. Note, the pros turn on this machine gun feature, with some 24 Meg picture or huge. Then take too many, and then cut the photos out of the photos with a graphic program. So much for skill, just turn on the machine gun and take tons, then cut the good photo out of the photo with a graphics program. I learned this in Israel from some starving freelance photographers. It is very easy to find someone who does not make any money but calls himself or herself a professional photographer.

Experts, a dime a dozen… I have been walking around looking at people with camera trying to find an expert, I have not seen any for a long time. There is something in their eyes, and they have a perspective when the take a photo, plus they also wears the required hunting vest gear. I refuse, but it does have merit

I have the Baht, I have the place, I can go to Panthip this huge Computer Mall that will sell all software for only 5 dollars, and has four floors of toys.

Finepix or Sony, or is it Fuji or Sony, I tire of trying to choose a camera. I do not really want to purchase three Sony Batteries; I really need five, and would be very happy with ten. This would cost more than the camera. I go to places with no electricity, somebody must have the same empathy as me, and I mean someone out there must feel the same pain.

Which come first, the bag for camera, battery management for camera or the camera, oops, then the computer to download. These four variable works together, the are all hooked at the hip. I do not make a decision without talking to the other group. NOTE: Do not put photos on DVD or CD Roms! Thumb Drive maybe, computer and FTP is the only safe way.

Therefore, batteries, what do you think can you stay up with this new Sony 15 X or should I buy the Finepix so I can go to the local store and buy AA batteries in an emergency.

Do I need to battery charger for the Sony Lithium Batteries?

I really need girl assistant, long legs, smart as a whip, she can carry the bag, the camera, the batteries, and she can take the photos as instructed…. I will watch her, as she take photos… must have a Western Passport and feel somehow exotic, and not be from the USA, maybe born in a poor country and immigrated. I am not sure I can handle USA girl assistants and Europeans are increasingly annoying me.

Why does everyone stop me from thinking and saying what I think, there is no freedom of thought. They want to control my thoughts, and shoot; I cannot control what I think about.

All this work because I sold some photos, and I make money from putting photos on the internet. But, I was told in Israel, but a pro, that I was not a pro. I have to believe him, he said he was pro, sleeping in his dorm bed, while I got a single room.

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Buying a New Camera