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An Algerian Man in Mali

2007-10-03 06:14:00

An Algerian Man in Mali
Bamako, Mali, West Africa
Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The manager said there was a man from France in that room. I never presume or guess the country of traveler; it tends to start out a good conversation by annoying the person.

- Are you from the USA? -
- No, I am Canadian. -

It is always better to ask which country; therefore, I ask the man as we waited for one of the two showers serving about 150 beds, I am glad this place is vacant.

Algeria more or less on the other side of an Arabic culture gap between West and East, I hear of very few people going to Africa and even less going to the country of Algeria. There is some interjection of Libya here in Mali, signs of promotion everywhere, a big push for some reason, Bamako from a goods transport perspective is a windfall. The Niger River weaves up through these countries and the train from Dakar connects with Bamako making a chain of cheap shipping.
The Algerian man says he has traveled to South America, Asia, Europe and most of Africa and speaks excellent English. We are to get together later for a conversation. I am excited to hear the opinions of a person who is also a channel jumper. There are many channels, and easy is hypnotic until you jump enough channel, every culture I enter is another channel, another perspective another way of rationalizing their world. He is not in a Starred Hotel therefore he is walking around with the local channel, and not avoid it.

It is possible this man in his anonymous and safe status of being in Mali, speaking English will give me his interpretation of the planet non sanitized.

An Algerian Man in Mali