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Air Conditioners Tied to Room Keys

2007-10-12 08:40:00

Air Conditioners Tied to Room Keys
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, October 12, 2007
By Andy of HoboTraveler.com

This is the air conditioner in the Four Sons Hotel, a chain here in the Khao San Area.

There is nothing worst to me than a good air conditioner blowing right at my face. I took my rug, a.k.a towel, and cover it, used a few clothespins and I am in business again.

The air conditioner covered with a towel, this type of AC is quiet compared to the window one, and a window one can drive you crazy.

Now, hot and cold, cold and hot, the Four Sons welded he Key chain thing together so I could not take it off, therefore when I left the room, I had to shut the electricity off. This is the (Hotel Name Edited) they have not been so secure, if I want to leave the Electricity on to run my computer, charge my cell, or other reason you leave the electricity I can, they are nice and have not asked for the key.

If you take the key tag off, the room becomes warm, then cold, there is no balance, and I really like to just keep the room on one temperature, the room than is always comfortable.

Sometimes a Hotel ask or demand the key, I normally move out. I think the system should be, if you want your room cleaned, give them the key, if not keep it. I do not have people clean my room unless I help them, so anyway I do it, they do not get the key, strangely this stops the theft by cleaning ladies or people, I really never see men clean, I seem them try to clean, but they are not what I want to clean my room, they just are not up to snuff, I think men have personal problems….

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Air Conditioners Tied to Room Keys

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