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Air Conditioners Tied to Room Keys

Air Conditioners Tied to Room Keys
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, October 12, 2007
By Andy of

This is the air conditioner in the Four Sons Hotel, a chain here in the Khao San Area.

There is nothing worst to me than a good air conditioner blowing right at my face. I took my rug, a.k.a towel, and cover it, used a few clothespins and I am in business again.

The air conditioner covered with a towel, this type of AC is quiet compared to the window one, and a window one can drive you crazy.

Now, hot and cold, cold and hot, the Four Sons welded he Key chain thing together so I could not take it off, therefore when I left the room, I had to shut the electricity off. This is the (Hotel Name Edited) they have not been so secure, if I want to leave the Electricity on to run my computer, charge my cell, or other reason you leave the electricity I can, they are nice and have not asked for the key.

If you take the key tag off, the room becomes warm, then cold, there is no balance, and I really like to just keep the room on one temperature, the room than is always comfortable.

Sometimes a Hotel ask or demand the key, I normally move out. I think the system should be, if you want your room cleaned, give them the key, if not keep it. I do not have people clean my room unless I help them, so anyway I do it, they do not get the key, strangely this stops the theft by cleaning ladies or people, I really never see men clean, I seem them try to clean, but they are not what I want to clean my room, they just are not up to snuff, I think men have personal problems….

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Air Conditioners Tied to Room Keys