Video of Mosquito Net of

2007-09-18 02:35:00

Video of Mosquito Net of
Bobo Dioulasso or Bobo, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Monday, September 17, 2007

Click here to see a movie of real problems in West Africa with Mosquito nets and a customized mosquito net designed and made by me, Andy of Mosquito Net

If you are receiving by email the video is not here, you go to the blog and see it.

A girls working in Atakpame, Togo West Africa to sew onto my existing net an entrance door, simple and cheap, but effective.

Ok, I have made a video of a mosquitoes nets, I hope to be the first of many versions. As I find good example of problems and solutions, I will add to this video and edit, creating better versions.

Note the number one reason people do not use a mosquito net is because they are hot and uncomfortable to use. If you do not have electricity this becomes unbearably hot under a mosquito net. The better solution is to have mosquito screens installed to cover all the windows and to somehow install a screen door. If you enter an expensive room and it has a mosquito net, think to yourself, is this room a good room? A mosquito is a lazy solutions and sadly more expensive solution than the long-term solution of installing screens.

Malaria is a killer, and affects the white people more than the black people, so do not follow their lead, it is endemic in Africa, the people assume they will have malaria in their lifetime.

It is sad to think I need mosquito nets in hotel rooms, when you enter a hotel room and it has mosquito nets, think to yourself, why? Normally this is the first sign of negligence and lack of caring for their clients not of caring for you, if they cared for you they would install screens on the window and a screen door.

This is movie and information is just small fraction of information about mosquito nets and all the related problems and solutions. I guess I can continue to collect information and make small videos clips until I have comprehensively covered the issue. This present video is about 7 minutes long, my guesstimate to show real examples of problems and create a comprehensive video I will need to create about 1-2 hours of video.
I made a mistake of not taking a mosquito net to Europe, and proceeded to have some of the most uncomfortable nights of my life in Brugge, Belgium in what was suppose to be a good hotel. I always carry a mosquito net in any country on the planet.

I do not want to encourage the world to use mosquito nets, a mosquito net is not needed for homes and hotels, what is needed is for the world to install screens on windows and screen doors.

The proper solution to malaria and the problem with mosquitoes is not a mosquito net, the solution is to design homes that allow good ventilation first and are cool for the person sleeping, then secondly to incorporate into the design screens and screen doors.

Mosquito nets cost more in Africa to buy than the installation of screens on windows that would effectively minimize the mosquitoes entering a home.

It is not possible to convince a people in tropical malaria infested areas of the planet to use a mosquito net in an extremely hot home. They have no electricity, no fan, hot, humid, and now you want them to live inside a mosquito net that makes it impossible to breath. Mosquito Net

Video of Mosquito Net of

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