Travel Ouaga to Po Burkina Faso

Travel Ouaga to Po Burkina Faso
Ouagadougou or Ouaga, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Saturday, September 8, 2007

Two Nights and out, I am ecstatic for being able to leave Ouaga this fast and travel back to Po or close to the border of Ghana. The transportation of Burkina Faso so far is great, it reminds me of Niger, big buses everywhere. Ghana seemed to put the big bus stations so far out of the city you needed to take a Tro Tro to get to the bus, so I just took the Tro Tro. To take a long bus trip in Ghana or any of these countries means you go to the other end of the country, they just are not big enough to warrant many long trips.

I am in this new Ouagua Hotel just across the street from the Rakieta Bus Station having a name I cannot spell or pronounce.
- Oiseau Bleu -

The price is 14 US or 7000 CFA and double the true global value, however the convenience of getting in and out of Ouaga make it a great choice. The Fondation Charles de Gaulle owner is also the owner of this new one also, the girl working at the Fondation Charles de Gaulle regular Flophouse walked me over here. The normal place is ok, shared everything, and like not showering for a couple of days feel. This new one will be up to snuff if they learn about screens for mosquitoes. It is cool now, but during the hot season I would be eaten by mosquitoes. I have not seen any orphans… hehehe? So Africa!

I like Ouaga, easy to get around if you know how to speak French, and understand the Taxi system, can read a map, if you canNOT speak French than probably UN-manageable. Small cities are easier to manage in Francophone countries.

I have no idea why stay in Ouaga for a long time, the skinny is Ouaga is a Sex Tourism destination for French WOMEN. The city is organized, and it looks like I could buy about anything easy, however still a city and this red dirt curse makes it feel dirty. The city has the Frenchie drink-everywhere in the streets mentality, it is easier for me to buy beer than to buy the Vache qui Ri Cheese.

A good reason for big cities in Africa is to have Western Style rooms with Water and Showers where a tourist can fly in, drink a couple of days, boom, boom, bang, bang, than say they was in Africa, and avoid Africa and say I had Africa, then fly out.

I have only took two pictures in the city, and already I have no desire to carry my camera. The only thing of interest is the systematic way they carry water in these big 55 gallon barrel carts. I suppose I could make the Islamic Religion a tourist attraction, but not what I like to do.

Religious tourism is annoying as the majority of religions are the rich getting richer and the poor staying poor, like watching a person get beat and not stepping up to stop it.

4 US dollars to go to Po by bus, and the road is wide open, not much traffic, life is good. If the place is not ok, I will travel on to Bobo, Burkina Faso. I truly suspect Po is something closer to what I like about Africa.

Travel Ouaga to Po Burkina Faso