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The Allude to Writing Style

2007-09-11 11:20:00

The Allude to Writing Style
Po, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Sunday, September 9, 2007

It has been revealed, as I plug away, write away, type away on the computer, I learn to write.

In University I had many Professors and a couple of friends tell me to write in a Journal, I started about four times and stopped four times. I postulate today, I stopped because there was no reason to write in a Journal, and I agree with myself, there was not any reason for me to write in a Journal.

The simple reason to write in a Journal is the more a person writes, the better they become. However, reading is trying to be the yang to the ying of learning to write.

I have read two John Carre books, with an accent on his name, that is lost in translation with a computer. It was not my choice, I read the defaults, I read what is possible to read in my travel world, or any port in a storm.

John likes to use words, put words in people mouths I have never heard a person say out loud. Realistic speech is overlooked by John, as he mumbles his way through writing a book, more or less a personal narrative with characters thinking and talking as he thinks and talks.

I consider the form of writing a type of private dancing, done only for an audience that understand the words.

It has been revealed to me that people do want the opportunity to be the only one who understands. If I write to clearly, a John Grisham style, than the story had to very good, the story leads the way. However, a description of a country can be a heavy load of allusions, references and inferences to obscure knowledge.

Fair or just is questionable, however, I do realize, some readers do revel in knowing they understood some wild comments I make and do not explain. Maybe this is the definition of cheeky, to get away with saying something that in politically correct speech would be frowned on, but no yellow flags.

It is easier to write by alluding to something, than explaining it clear for the majority of readers to understand. However, I will now crack the gate and allow myself the convenience being oblique, an easy and lazy way for me to write. Just for kicks, so readers can revel in cognitive dissonance.

Is alluding to the differences of the Mekong to the Amazon to the Niger fair game or bourgeois?

The Allude to Writing Style