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Po Mosquito Net Hotel

Po Mosquito Net Hotel
Po, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Sunday, September 9, 2007

I am under a mosquito net provided by the Hotel of the Auberge ADPO in the room he says is,
- Bien Propre -

I am one hour away from needing to make a decision, do I stay or do I go? My Auberge room for 4000 CFA is 90 percent cheaper than 7000 CFA in Ouaga, and difficult to say if better or worst. Obviously the Auberge de l'Oiseu Bleu appeared cleaner and running water in my room is nice. However, a mosquito net is safer than a clean room with no screens. Ok, this is easy, the neighborhood of the Auberge ADPO in Po is leading by 15 photos, I have taken in one day 15 more photos of Po than of Ouaga in two days.

Po is a clean little village with an inordinate amount of Bars, I am close to saying Burkina Bars, or maybe the Burkina Buvette, I just am caught off guard by the ratio of Bars to people in Burkina, Faso, seems like Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam with renovations and wider streets, with red pepper poured over it.

In both cities I heard the boys coming to bed around 2:00 PM or later and this makes me nervous, Alcohol and Macho does not mix well.

Po Mosquito Net Hotel