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Ouaga to Bobo Burkina Faso

2007-09-11 11:26:00

Ouaga to Bobo Burkina Faso
Ouaga Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Monday, September 10, 2007

The Rakieta Bus Station location and bus is making life easy for me in Burkina Faso, I can enter and leave Ouaga painlessly. Three times on a bus and they have not tried to get a bag fee, what is up with this country, I like to say no.

Note: I went to the bus station at 7:00 AM and asked to buy a tickets to Bobo. The lady was suddenly angry and frustrated, saying you can not buy a ticket here for Bobo or something like that. I had stopped and asked this same women, I quadruple checked with this women about taking a bus to Bobo. It never connected in her mind that she should tell me it was another station, called Larle. It worked out ok, and I went to the Rakieta Larle bus station to Bobo by Taxi for 600 CFA or 1.25 Dollars.

Ouaga has about one cling-on per block of walking; these boys come up, shake hands, then become annoyed with me as I shake my finger and day, thanks, but do not follow me in French. I mean it, so they do not follow; I had high level training in India.

I am still searching now for people called Puh or something like, girls with Bangles and Jewelry and they do not live in Po, but they visit. I like Ethnic groups, they look like the Cattle people or some African Gypsy, I have lost the trail, my hope was to go between Po and Bobo but the road is full of rainwater, mixed with red clay.

The bus trip from Po to Ouaga is 2000 CFA and form Ouaga to Bobo is 6000 CFA, I am making good time, if a person wanted, they could easily cross this country in one-two days in a big bus comfort, and no bag fee, or at least no arguments over bag fees. I am doing well, only one fee paid in West Africa, I do not like to be chopped, it makes me have a bad taste in my mouth when I leave a country, and it is what I remember about a country, I was chopped.

Ouaga to Bobo Burkina Faso