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Mash Tourism Sign in Yeji Ghana

2007-09-01 03:47:00

Mash Tourism Sign in Yeji Ghana
Bolgatanga or Bolga, Ghana West Africa
Saturday, September 1, 2007

This is a sign located on a “circulaire” at the bottom of the hill, the last circle road exchange before you go to the Lake Volta to enter a boat to travel to Makongo or other villages and cities by boat.

This is like the circle at the Mound in Angola, Indiana.

I call this a M.A.S.H. sign; I robbed this from the show M.A.S.H television show from the USA, one of my staple reruns. It shows the distance to various locations and point I hope to towards the city.

Tamale 155 Km
Dakar 2000 Km
Accra 507 Km
Beposo 55 Km
Capetown 5118 Km
Bangkok 10999 Km
Mekka 4618 Km

Yeji is close to the edge of bottom of cultural development. Hmm, I really do not like that way of explaining. Maybe more correct would to say Yeji is close to the bottom of the Consumer Cultures, they use and consume less of the products made from natural resources, and live more self sustainable existences.

The Lake Volta people live simple self-sustainable life, a permaculture whereby they work maybe the least, and have the least consumer luxury products. They use what they need, not what they want.

Therefore, this sign located near locations of the representation of the being of culture is great. It is a demonstration they are aware they are not alone; this is a sign that is the opposite of being insulated, in and area of the planet that is very insulated, not aware of the outside world.

Now, often an African person may know more about Europe, the USA, or other Western countries than they would know about the next country over, or even their own. They watch TV, the discovery channel, listen to BBC radio, hear statistics about the Western World, and never hear that Ghana has about 23 Million people, and they do not see maps of Ghana on TV, they seem maps of the USA or Europe, and less of Ghana.

Tourist Information

I like these signs a lot; I thank Ghana for thinking about me, helping me to remember where I came from and allowing me to know more or less, how far I am from home. This sign does not have any USA cities, nonetheless it a step in the right direction on tourism. It is similar to a restaurant selling Pizza; this almost is a universal sign,
- We have Western Style food. -

I sometimes need a piece of Pizza.

I enjoy when a restaurant says, we have a tourist menu, which also means the prices are five times higher at gouge the profits levels. I more or less avoid Pizza signs, and learn to eat the local foods.

This is a boat that carries people across the lake, about 10 Kilometers from Yeji to Mekongo and you could also go to many villages along the lake. Note, going to tribal type villages and living with the locals can be very dangerous in isolated tribal areas. The superstitions of the villages can go amok if someone says or believes you came to do something. In some areas of the world, they believe the foreigners or couples are coming to steal their children. I am not sure that applies here, they often try to give me their children to take to the USA. Superstitious and mystical behavior or saying the religion told me to do this is the danger.

This is why Yeji is one of the great exchange points of the planet, the point where consumer cultures can meet with self-sustaining cultures safely. The surrounding or on the banks of the Lake Volta are close, and day trips by walking or small boat would allow a person to get close to the edge or to the beginning of cultures. The point where we all started, our roots, who we are at core.

Mash Tourism Sign in Yeji Ghana