Hotel Paix Banfora Burkina Faso

2007-09-16 03:55:00

Hotel Paix Banfora Burkina Faso
Banfora, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Saturday, September 15, 2007

The floor is clean in my room.

6000 CFA for a room with a shared shower, and toilet, 4000 more than true value in a global market, however normal for Burkina Faso.

There is a sink, water and mirror in one location; I can shave with a mirror. The floor is clean, someone has mopped the floors, and I can walk around my room and not track dirt into my bed.

This is a trash basket, they have one placed just outside all the rooms, this is a good system, and pragmatic.

Dirt in the room

To keep these things out of the room, the wastebasket needs to be outside the room. I think a swap system is best, however I have never seen it, however I do rob the clean one in common areas and leave my full one.

The Islamic Religion has this small plastic pitcher full of water, before they enter the Mosque as best I understand; they take their shoes off, wash their feet, then enter the Mosque and sit on the small rugs to pray.

99 out of 100 travelers and tourist will live in crap, and romance it, they accept what they have and say it was wonderful. To adapt, learn, and modify their lifestyles to the conditions that exist is rare. They finally need to go home because they never can figure out why they are not happy or why the move hotels every two days.

Five Star Hotels and Resorts are a great experience for a person, they truly do not know, understand, analyze or really list the pros and cons, they just know for one to two weeks they felt great. The lived better than at home and the hotel functions more efficiently we hope.

Religions should in my opinion teach manners and proper hygiene to the 99 percent of people of all countries that need to be continually told to wipe their arse.

My present room functions, it works, everything in the room has a purpose, a good sound reasons.

Self-contained rooms, in this area of West Africa this is the phrase used to mean a room that has more or less the house inside. All the normal parts of a house are inside the room, the phrase self-contained to me is perfect. If you rented a suite, it is an apartment with a Living Room, Kitchen, Shower and Toilet.

The perfect hygiene room does not have a toilet and shower inside, there were jokes 200 years ago about some cultures.
- In America they put their toilet in the house! -

Geez who want to smell their fat ugly grandfather make noise, smell up the house etc?

I really do not want to share a toilet.
I do not want to share a shower.
I do not want the shower and toilet in my room, unless there is proper ventilation, window and fans. This happens in less than 10 percent of the room unless I make it so.

I 100 percent guarantee I want to know the person who cooks my food, I like to watch the cook, and I want a self-contained cook. I want to see the cook clean the dishes.

Muhammad of the Islamic Religion was genius, he taught good ideas, take off your shoes full of sand, wash your feet, and put down a rug that you have kept clean.

Buddhism does the same, the Buddhist pretty much demand you take your shoes off before you enter a home.

Good Hygiene! Leave what is outside in the streets, on your shoes and outside the house, do not bring cow, human or other crap into the home.

What is healthy? What is safe? My room in the Hotel Paix is safe, and it functions. The floor is clean, I have a great Mosquito Net, the fan is quiet, there is shower and toilet, there is toilet paper, and I can shave, clean my hands.

It is NOT Great. I will leave today as the neighborhood sucks; there are a couple of Barbaric Rasta Men roaming the city.

I really miss the Video City Hotel in Mampong, Ghana. I think about returning, if Ghana gave me any possible way of getting a Visa, I would go back for a Vacation.

I feel negligent; I said the rooms in the cave were great.

The Hotel room here at the Hotel Paix in Banfora is great, outside the hotel sucks. The Hotel room at the cave sucked, outside the room was great.

I feel negligent; I said an unsafe room for 99 percent of the people was great, while for me it was great. Africa has bars or steel louvers on the windows; there is too much theft in Africa to not put bars on the windows.

Risk Evaluation, I sometimes should keep my mouth shut, not type in this computer, sit, and think before I say anything, especially when I say anything nice. To complain is ok; it stops people from going and being annoyed or in dangerous situations.

The rules of Islam, Buddhism, and Hindu are good. People need to be told to clean their arse. People like these rules of because after they return from all this, they feel clean and refreshed, like going to a Five Star Hotel. A few times per day, they are in comfort.

I am looking for a 10-day hotel; it would be nice to take a vacation in a comfortable room in a nice neighborhood. I like the neighborhood at my cave. I could walk over in the mornings and eat some freshly cooked Beignets or Bread, then at sunset I could walk over, the woman would be sitting cleaning and cutting long potatoes into wedges, then cook them right in front of me for 100 CFA. I ate some French Fries last night in the Hotel Paix for 800 CFA last night in what is a reasonably good restaurant. I am nervous thinking about this, they cooked them very fast. There is NOBODY in the hotel, the restaurant was empty, zero, and the French Fries tasted good, soggy and too much oil, not crispy and obviously fresh though. I had to ask for salt while the woman in the street offered salt and some pepper sauce.

I feel safe in the Hotel Paix in Banfora, I did not feel safe at the end of the day as I needed to leave the window open to be comfortable, and if I left the window open, I was not safe from theft.

Having the shower, toilet, and wastebasket outside the room is brilliance. There is no trash in the room to feed the ants, no water in the room for mosquitoes, and there is less humidity in the room so the room is cooler. All the mess is outside the room, whereby I do not need to allow a person inside to clean and allow them to steal my camera. There is a long hallway leading to the room, and by the time you arrive at the room your shoes are free of sand. I have a very clean room. I like a shower in my room so I can wash my clothes.

This hotel has what is needed, in the wrong neighborhood. The other in a good neighborhood, nice surrounding and what 99 percent of people want, with no way to shave or keep the burglars out. There was no restaurant to give them food poisoning so go figure, everyone wants to get food poisoning, I am pretty sure it kills more than Malaria.

The Hotel Paix security man came and woke me for the first bus, than had some free breakfast ready, exceptional service here in this Hotel.

Hotel Paix Banfora Burkina Faso

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