Goodbye Burkina Faso

2007-09-17 03:08:00

Goodbye Burkina Faso
Bobo Dioulasso or Bobo, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Sunday, September 16, 2007

I deleted two pages of angry thoughts about Burkina Faso Cling-ons, people who follow you and just never stop.

I was in Banfora doing the Burkina loop trip in my brain, when I thought,
- I am not happy, I do not want to be in Burkina -

To continue to do something that makes you unhappy, means a person has a desires to be unhappy.

Ironically I had just keyed in on a comment from Wade:
- To move with the grain, the path of the traveller -

I am working on a few I-need-high-speed-internet project and the internet café here in Bobo across from the Soba Hotel is one of the best I have found in West Africa.

Burkina Faso is in the middle, a good transit point to go North, East South and West, I have no choice, I will come back.

Ouaga, Bobo and Banfora all had young men who found me, then followed me, they will not stop, when one stops, the next one begins.

I am sad as I have seen many things to explore here, sugar cane that stretches for miles, Dates sold in the market, every type of food in West Africa seems to be here, this is a Mecca of West African foods, a lush area of farming done right. I saw the big moving irrigation systems over the sugar cane. There are tourist here, I have no idea what they are doing, they are French, about 80 percent women, with a Burkina Boy at their hip to protect them, however I am curious, what are they doing, was is this connection between France and Burkina Faso, why does the French people think they need or want to come here of all countries.

I do not want to collect bad memories of a country, it is traveling against the grain. The list of cons outweighs the pros, I am leaving soon for Mali, I am interested in country of Guinea and Liberia, I have no real desire to go to Mali, Senegal sounds good for a couple of days Mauritania to Europe by land is one of them, say I did it trips.

Goodbye Burkina Faso

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