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Girls of Po Burkina Faso

Girls of Po Burkina Faso
Ouagadougou or Ouaga, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Friday, September 7, 2007

I am disappointed in a way that I did not stop in Po and stay at least one night. I walked to some Hotel with a couple of cling-on boys and inspected a room; there were no trees, no girls and just Burkina Faso boys hanging around. In my mind, I focused too much on Burkina Faso being Islamic and thought to myself, I am in a talk too much boy’s country and no balance, in a hot hotel and went and got on the bus to Ougadougou the Capital of Burkina Faso.

After buying, the ticket it was as if all the women in the city came out to visit and I saw interpreted the city in terms of the two cling-on boys and it was not correct. I was frustrated, Narongo, Ghana a good city to stop, however I opted to go see the Catholic Social Centre Hotel and I made the wrong choice, I had to walk about 2 Kilometers to get to the stupid place in the middle of nowhere it would be like living on a deserted island Hotel. Probably ok for a person with a car, terrible option for a person without a car, the Lucion very convenience felt like a bar surrounded by rooms, and the Mayaga Hotel was again far, so I was warn out, I left the city. The Border Village Paga had this one hotel on the border for too much money and for living in dust.

Frazzled, I entered Po, Burkina Faso, and did not give the city a good chance as I had already burned up my good chances in Narongo, a nice city, and Paga a not anything village.

When I plopped down on the bench in Po as a TV blared some R-Rated Nigeria Soap Opera movie with Sub-Titles in French, I looked up and this girl is sitting in front of me. She has about six earrings and some bracelets on and happy colored clothes, she was all-curious, quick eyed happy.

I had just left the give-me-money city of Bolgatanga, that has NGO damage and the locals are jaded, except in the old market area. Po was suddenly a breath of fresh cultural air. I just stepped on my tail and was too ready to run to stay. I am not immune from the tourist malady of planning-too-much and forgetting I am here to see the country problem. I had this, I can go here, I can stop there, and I can get a Visa to Mali in Ouaga crap in my brain and the planning of the future stopped the today from functioning properly.

This is the Burkina Faso version of Rachel Welch, and she bounced around the Rakieta Bus Station selling bread.

Girls of Po Burkina Faso