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Ghana Scarification

2007-09-04 05:43:00

Ghana Scarification
Bolgatanga or Bolga, Ghana West Africa
Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I found this Crafts Village two days ago, where they sell hand made decorative type designs, more or less tourist stuff. As I entered the entrance to the Crafts Village, I see this woman.

If I would have been thinking, I would have change the camera from photos to video and this woman would have allowed me to video this Ghana great body art.

I would guess about 70 percent of the people in this village have a cut or slash here or there on their faces. This person face was covered, I asked her where she was from, and the boy answered for her, as she does not speak English, then saying Ghana.

Scarification is normally an Ethnic or Tribal type of marker, to say, I am from this groups of people, I am from this village. In some countries like Guatemala, the colors and type of clothing are the identifiers.

Scarification is an identifier of an Ethnic group, that probably has a city of village that is the central or more or less the capital of the Ethnic groups, ergo the reason for my questions,
- Where are you from? -

The woman was more culturally significant and authentic than the made to sell Crafts Village, made-for-tourist situation. Funny how this works, what is authentic culture is normally diminutive and what is not is exaggerated.

Ghana Scarification

I think if they use it, than authentic culture, sometimes objects were formerly used in the past, and the practice has stopped. Therefore, I walk around the village seeing how they live, not want they are making to sell. One is authentic culture.