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Explain My World Videos

2007-09-01 03:58:00

Explain My World Videos
Bolgatanga or Bolga, Ghana West Africa
Saturday, September 1, 2007

I have to admit, Michael Moore has accomplished something few men on the planet has every done. CNN, BBC, and other news media make feeble attempts, however somehow a High School graduate, almost no formal education, worked in a factory in Flint, Michigan.

A stereotypical fat American, the epitome of an Ugly American Stereotype. (How to use Ugly American? … )

No education
Badly dressed
Only talks about the USA
Thinks the USA is the center of the planet
Interrupts people

Now as he has become the hero and Knight of Europe, the voice from the wilderness, the spokes person of Europe and its view of the USA, he has accomplished what few men on the planet have yet to accomplish.

Michael Moore has equivocated a word and changed the natural language understanding of the word documentary.
Before Michael, I would just easily have said, I am making Mini-Documentaries of specific cultural subjects. Many would understand quickly, however, now, what can I call them?

I wish to be very truthful, not try to represent my person interpretation of something as being perfect fact.

They call me foreigner, I am trying to find a word that does not in any way or form associate me with Michael Moore, and I try to walk away from this ugly stereotype every day, and have to accept that the stereotype of the Fat American is based in truth. The list above exist, it is not an incorrect representation of a large percentage of the USA.

I am a person from the USA, they call me foreigner, and here they call me Abroni or White Man.

I need an easy to say way to explain these videos, I will eventually land on the proper for-me, acceptable by me, way of labeling these videos. I refuse to call them Mini-Documentaries as I refuse to be associated with this Ugly American Michael Moore.

I think Explain-My-World Videos is easy to say, succinct and no attempt to glamorize my work. Allow justice to prevail, a good work, is a good work, history will tell.

I look for the respect and good words of Ethnology Professors, Photographers and writers of the caliber of James Michener, or Paul Theroux.

A person explains their world, how the world explains, labels and understand afterwards is no longer in control of the person, this duty has been pass down.

I have many Explain My Word Videos at various stages of production; I have a quite extensive one on Fufu and presently lack the aspect of making the sauce for the Fufu to be eaten, and maybe some video clips of how they eat.

Making these videos requires diligence as one small missing clip and the story lines is broken. I apologize for intermixing these clips out of blog sequence; this is a quagmire of internet problems in West Africa.

Explain My World Videos