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Burkina Faso Adult Conversations

2007-09-11 11:24:00

Burkina Faso Adult Conversations
Po, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Sunday, September 9, 2007

Pascal my fixer here in Po is a boy I think of 16, he found the Hotel, then later helped me learn the bridge is out or flooded on the road between Po and Leo or maybe to Bobo, Burkina Faso.

I walked through the excellent market here in Po, found some strange Vegetables.

Begins with a B, said in French, and they all turned and asked some 10 year old girl to talk. I stopped in the Po market, took some photos of various foods here in Po, I asked the vendors what the name of the vegetable was, I spoke French and the ladies quickly pulled a small girl to the front to talk, she said a word I cannot remember, but begins with B.


French is not the first language here in Po; however, French is the neutral language or the language of business here in Francophone Burkina Faso.

They call me Foreigner; my name is Nassara here in Po, a.k.a Le Blanc.

What is an adult? What is adult conversation? Pascal my Fixer is 16 going on 24. The 10 year old is 10 going on 10, educated to 25 and surround by people educated to 10.

I met Sonora a girl with body of 25, an education of 15 and emotionally 12,

The Sweet Potato French Fries woman is 30, acting 30, heavy load body of a women of 30, and I think emotionally 30.

Deborah, pronounced French, is 17, works in the store around the corner. Emotionally about 27, physically about 22, and chronologically about 17, and let me see, educationally she is 35 going on 50.

I met a Christian Ghana Missionary man, maybe about 55 and I hope 55 because his hair was graying. This average age of dying is mythically misrepresented. The only safe adult to talk with and he says he wants resources, not money, fibbing is a sin. His explanation of the problems of young men in Burkina Faso and Ghana was succinctly religiously accurate, and if I typed in this computer guaranteed to get hate mail.

Volunteers and NGO?

I have heard,
- Your momma didn’t raise no fool, but she still dresses you funny. -

I think I could twist this to best explain Volunteers and NGO projects. They make me appreciate the honesty nature of the occasional rogue philander in West Africa.

A kaleidoscope of adult conversations. I walk a maze, stopping at various stations to get one complete conversation. I guess talking to myself has merit, and 5 kilos of books helps. I spend too much time learning and not enough time talking, I met this Slovenia man who was great in Ghana and lives in Bobo, I am looking forward to talking with him for a couple of days.

Deborah the small shop manager spoke English and French, and likes to play language game with me, mixing it up to keep my brain awake. I will stop in this morning and ask here to explain Po to me; Pascal the Fixer had knowledge only 2 kilometers distance from Po. Speaking English is a hint that she is interested in the outside world, and working in the store, she maybe has enough money to travel to Ouaga.

Pascal is not a cling-on this is great, there is some cling-on in the neighborhood and this is one an extreme annoyance. One person who thinks he is a guide has almost driven me out of the village, he does not understand no, non and I have not learned the word for A -- Hole in French or I would have said that, I forgot my French, reverted to Spanish and called him a Pendejo on the bus trip from Ouaga to Po. The people on the bus understood me, as I Alpha Male snorted at him telling him, the window is staying open and he is lazy. He wanted to close my window, as his window had no handle; he was normal lazy, take the easy way out attitude.

West Africa requires a lot of work; I must wander around in Villages searching for adult conversations. I do not feel lonely; however, I would like to ask the question,
- What do you think or what is your opinion? -

Pascal the Fixer could not believe I trusted him, and wanted his opinion of which hotel was best. I was trying to explain in French that being honest and trustworthy has nothing to do with age, or social status.

I really do live by my instincts, and do no let my education interfere with making proper decisions.

Call Audible from the line of scrimmage, I am leaving by bus soon for Ouaga, Burkina Faso, the Capital of the country and a rerun, travelers are not suppose to follow the same paths twice, third time on this road for me, severe penalty and two yellow flags are thrown.

There are no good options in Po; it is raining, all the Islamic people are not working because it is Sunday, all the Christian People are not working because it is raining and Sunday. It is raining and too quiet, they will not wake early because the too many bars were open last night, so I am getting on the 10 AM bus for Ouaga. The rain has washed away the road for big cars, and only motorcycles are going to Leo directly towards Bobo. I am brave, but 100 plus kilometers on a motorcycle taxi for 10,000 CFA, with muddy clay, read road is not brave, it is suicide.

Burkina Faso Adult Conversations