Atebubu Ghana Market Video

Atebubu Ghana Market Video
360 View of Ghana, Market
Bolgatanga, Ghana West Africa
Saturday, September 1, 2007

I left Mampong, Ghana about one hour north of Kumasi and various type of transportation north to Yeji on Lake Volta. I travel another hour north and stopped in Atebubu and found a couple of Hotels, however decided to transit out of the city.

Before leaving the city, our group station wagon taxi went to the market and loaded up with a few bags of beans for one of the passengers to haul to Yeji.

While waiting for them to overload the car, I decided to take what I call a 360, I just stand and slowly revolve in a circle and the video explains. I am going to somewhat refrain from explanations as the photos explain and words can be misinterpreted.

The small four-wheel carts with car size tires are used to haul goods short distances, or inside the city. Often a person will purchase supplies and pay small money for these carts to haul the goods to their home, analogous to a shopping cart in a supermarket, with a twist.

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Atebubu Ghana Market Video

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