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African Ethanol

2007-09-08 01:37:00

African Ethanol
Bolgatanga or Bolga, Ghana West Africa
Thursday, September 6, 2007

I cook with Alcohol in my room; it is the best way to cook for a traveler, only a candle cooker is more dependable however creates a soot mess. (Dependable is how easy to find the fuel allowed to use inside a room.)

Alcohol needs sugar to ferment, strange and absurd as it may sound, as the world wishes to send food to Africa, it is a proposition of mine, that Africa could use extra food and food waste or garbage to become the Ethanol or Biofuel Giants of the Planet.

I can see James Dean now, in a twisted remake of the movie Giant, standing in Zermou, Niger, drunk on Millet Wine falling down hysterically happy and frustrated. Knowing he has hit Gold, plant gold, cellulose and garbage, mixed to create Ethanol.

I smell it, I feel like I have a divining rod for alcohol to fuel cars and when they are finished, I can buy cheap alcohol for my cooker.

Hmm, if I took 70 percent millet stalks here, or 70 percent banana leaves and mixed with the over production of peanuts and pepper I could make some really nasty guaranteed to kill you wine.

Making alcohol from cellulose is painful; however, I need to talk with Chris in Idaho, what happens if you had an oversupply of extra foods, or garbage to add to the mix?

The percentage of Yams, Cassava, Peanuts, Peppers, Plantains and other foods that go un-used or wasted has to be extreme. If a person mixes that up with all the stalks and green crap rotting, what do I have left, is it a good mixture to make alcohol or ethanol?

The Chiefs of Africa and the Leaders of Africa would have a hard time stopping their small people from making Alcohol or some Alcohol sludge to be distilled in big processing plants. I am so tired of looking at peanuts, pepper and bananas I am annoyed. Please, how can 50 people make money selling peanuts to 20 people? If all of you had a jug of moonshine in your hands, someone would come and buy it and smuggle it out of the country, or sell it back to you for cooking fuel.

WFP can dump food, and they can use it! Or MRE can be used…? Somehow putting the fuel production into the hands of the small people on the planet.

African Ethanol