174 of 177 HDI Burkina Faso

2007-09-14 01:52:00

174 of 177 HDI Burkina Faso
Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Thursday, September 13, 2007

I was prompted by Eric, and got curious, I knew that Burkina Faso was low on the list; however, I am astounded by the HDI. The Human Development Index or Report has Burkina Faso as fourth from the bottom, if this is fourth, then Damn; the world is in great shape.

I was expecting to be up around Togo at 147.

I can buy lettuce here; there are Bicycles and Motorcycles everywhere, Donkeys, Tractors. The internet is kick-A fast.

I was wondering why everyone in Burkina Faso kept telling me life was tough here, they read it, and repeated. I am sure the north of Burkina Faso can be bleak as it enters the Sahara Desert.

There is a Fruit Market, not a Market, a Fruit Market just a few blocks over from my present position. This is not a Market for me, this is a prepare to export market.

I think they are bagging up Ginger for export; the Fruit Market is more or less a packaging or wholesalers market. This is great, to have a wholesale market distributions point, then railroad shipping to Abidjan to put on boats is top level.

These are plastic greenhouses, an intense way to grow food products or plants, a far stretch above the hoe farmers of Togo.

As the bus was entering Ouaga, I saw a Jack Hammer and an air compressor, this type of equipment is expensive, I know some Mexicans that would love to have a Jack Hammers so they could put down their chisels and picks.

Human Development is a mixture of many things, and protecting the women is emphatic for the United Nations, and well, there are so many women here driving Motorcycles, what can you say, when men allow the women to drive, life is pretty good.

174 of 177 HDI Burkina Faso

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