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Yeji Ghana

2007-08-31 03:52:00

Yeji Ghana
Yeji, Ghana West Africa
Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I traveled from the Video City hotel in Mampong, living a life of luxury for 8 US dollars to a camping in the Alliance Hotel here in Yeji, Ghana. It two steps better than camping, however, it appears I needed to carry in water to the Hotel. The water in the Hotel is so bad looking, I am not going to take a dip shower. I would like to stay two nights in the city, however, it is hot and sticky, no shower. If I actually did not shower for two days, I would than still have an unknown amount of boat and bus trip ahead on the road to Tamale.

I am not into proving I can rough it, I am more into proving I can find cheap and good, making my life great in the middle of nonsense.

The English is on the bottom of the scale, there is no way to learn the local language fast enough to communicate and the people are not interested. I have many options, however, I do not know which city has the better hotel. Does Yeji have a better Hotel and I just have not found it, or does Makongo on the other side of this lake have better rooms.

I want to stay in this area of Ghana, however it would be nice to have a room with an acceptable shower. I know I could have stayed in Atebubu in the Kwapon Hotel for 90,000 cedi easy, and Prang had some hope. The road is great, so easy to travel from Mampong to Yegi, almost too easy.

I am now in Tamale. The Best hotel in Yeji is probably the Volta Hotel. Both Hotel are chopping the people on water. If a person wishes to stay in this village, they need to go and buy buckets of water if the hotel does not provide. The Alliance did not for me, so a person can go about another 100 meters from the water and turn left and the is a free pump for people. The locals would probably carry a few buckets of water for you. Three buckets of water is more than ample for two people on a daily basis.

NOTE: On hindsight, Yeji deserved 2-5 days, the village to the left of the harbor area are unique and Yeji is the only place to see this. The Volta hotel is better, however you must demand they carry good clear water from up the hill to the hotel for shower.

Yeji Ghana