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World Development Timeline

2007-08-20 06:38:00

World Development Timeline
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Monday, August 20, 2007

It would be easier to understand cultures if there were colored identifiers on a continuum of different issues of a culture, because various aspects of a culture develop at different speeds.
Example: Telephone, Roads, Water,

I think Accra has some water and sewer problems, I was told about two months ago by people coming from Ghana to Togo that there were water shortages. I was reading in my Encyclopedia Encarta about water and it said about the USA.

- Rapid growth of industry, increased population, and rising per-capita demand created a national water shortage in the U.S. in the 1950s. -

There are timelines of development of cultures. I many what we think as underdeveloped countries the cell phone business is more developed than in the USA.

Accra, Ghana is a big two million people and Lome, Togo is about 750,000, therefore Accra is close to two or three times larger than Lome, Togo.

I would say Accra is experiencing many of the growing pains of the Water supply the USA experienced in the 50s, a more or less snapshot of problems of the 50s in the USA. I am not sure how the sewer systems compares, the storm sewers are being used as waste disposal, however the construction seems good or better than most countries.

The USA solved most of their water problems and I am sure Accra and the world will solve them also, I am not worried about whether they can solve water problems. It is he saying there is no problem, when there is a problem that is a problem, or when there is, constant harping of there is a problem, when there is not problem. Normally the water in West Africa seems safer to me than most of the world because there are few people. Accra does make me nervous, a big city in Africa and I start drinking the bag water.

There is probably this somewhere, they are just hiding it...

World Development Timeline

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