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Volunteer Planned Africa Trip

2007-08-17 04:51:00

Volunteer Planned Africa Trip
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Friday, August 17, 2007

I remember reading some burp by a reader in the Lonely Planet West Africa about you should volunteer while you are in West Africa. I remember thinking, why…?

There are many reasons to Volunteer, however one has just evaded me for a year and now I know.

Volunteer and the organization will help you to travel to Africa; more or less, they will be your travel agent. There are very few travel agents on the planet that could help you go to Africa correctly, however, the Volunteer agencies can help you.

I meet 99 percent Volunteers running around West Africa being tourist and 1 percent just tourist, me, so I am abnormal here, I am the one.

I would say the cost to use a Volunteer Agency as your Travel Agent would amplify the cost to travel by about 2-7 times the needed amount. However, if you need a travel agent, this can be the only option.

Note: I do NOT recommend volunteering, or paying to Volunteer.

Volunteer Planned Africa Trip