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Tourist or Embassy or Volunteer Bubbles

2007-08-23 03:29:00

Tourist or Embassy or Volunteer Bubbles
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tourist Bubble, Embassy Bubble or Volunteer Bubble.

In West Africa, a different perspective would allow a long-term traveler to choose the travel flavor they wish to eat. The taste in my mouth of a country is determined by my choice of Hotels, and then by the way the people of the cities treat me. On the one bus in Accra, the man asked,
- Where is your team? -

He meant, what Volunteer or NGO project was I associated with, and where is their base.

There is one Tourist city in Ghana, and it is half a Volunteer City, that is Cape Coast. Accra has the flavor of an Embassy city or half a Volunteer city. The information that I read comes downstream from the mindset of Volunteers or Embassy people, I can feel them set the pace for what Hotels and Restaurants are haunted by the Tourist.

More or less, to escape a stereotypical treatment by the locals, see what some would say is the real Ghana, a person must leave the guidebook listed cities and pick X on the map to see the Country, otherwise there is this tourist channel or tourist track we are put in, I believe the average Volunteer is not aware how prevalent the stereotype is enforced by the locals as they are normally caught up in the newby experience of travel. It takes about two years to slack this off a persons back.

However, it you empathize with an Embassy worker, or a Volunteer Organization, or even a Tourist, which are very rare in West Africa, you can taste how the people in Hotels will greet you.

Note, most Missionary and Volunteer organizations are normally centered on the Tourist Attractions. If you go to Cusco, Peru, you will find many Volunteer organizations close to Machu Picchu and not the epicenter of needs, if there is a need.

Tourist or Embassy or Volunteer Bubbles

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