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Togo Africa Girl Hoe Farming

2007-08-15 05:53:00

Togo Africa Girl Hoe Farming
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
July 29, 2007

This girl or woman wanted me to take her photo, she was using this Hoe to clean the front of her home in Kpalime, Togo. There is a photo showing the use of this Hoe here in Togo.

Hoe Farming is maybe the step in a the development of a culture just above Hunters and Gatherer societies. This video is not about farming, it about a common tool made in Togo on small forges and sold in all the local markets. This is a tool of the Togo culture.

The girls are cleaning the land in front of their homes, there is a daily tending to the front of the homes. The normal process is to sweep the sand clean of debris, today they decide to weed the front yard and make free of any plants.

Togo Africa Girl Hoe Farming