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The surest weapon is the eye

2007-08-10 03:22:00

The surest weapon is the eye
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, August 10, 2007


I take my place at the head of the caravan. What is my weapon? A stick. Of course I have my escort. A revolver? The surest weapon is the eye. Prevision

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Interview with Sir Henry Stanley
Pall Mall Gazette
January 1887

British explorer Sir Henry Morton Stanley was about to set out from England to Africa on a rescue expedition when he gave this interview to the Pall Mall Gazette in January 1887. Stanley had learned that German explorer Mehmed Emin Pasha (also known as Emin Bey), an administrator in Egyptian Sudan, was cut off and surrounded by Sudanese revolutionary forces in what is now northern Uganda. Stanley discusses possible routes by which he might reach Emin and the difficulties he foresees for this expedition..

The surest weapon is the eye

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