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Sound Levels of Accra Ghana

2007-08-16 09:08:00

Sound Levels of Accra Ghana
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lying in bed in a Hotel in Accra, Ghana.

1:51 AM
There is music in the distance coming from a bar or a car stereo.
54-56 Decibels and when a car goes by, up to 64.

10:00 PM
My Radio Shack Digital Sound Meter was not reading sufficient sound level to read.
0- 50 Decibels, my guess is about 45.

2:00 PM
I turned on the overhead fan, the person below me had the same type of fan on, and the floors are made of wood.
75-77 Decibels

2:28 AM
The music in the distance has stopped.
0- 50 Decibels, my guess is about 40

A man yesterday in the Internet Café used a cell phone as a music player and the whole Internet Café also listened to his music.

The World Loves music, sports, religions, TV and many other sound making activities.

Decibels Typical sound
0 --- Threshold of hearing
10 --- Rustle of leaves in gentle breeze
10 --- Quiet whisper
20 --- Average whisper
20-50 --- Quiet conversation
40-45 --- Hotel; theater (between performances)
50-65 --- Loud conversation
65-70 --- Traffic on busy street
65-90 --- Train
75-80 --- Factory (light/medium work)
90 --- Heavy traffic
90-100 --- Thunder
110-140 --- Jet aircraft at takeoff
130 --- Threshold of pain
140-190 --- Space rocket at takeoff

I think yesterday was my first experience with the Cell Phone being used as a Music Player. I was not amused, and prevision of the future.

This Radio Shack Sound Meter is great, a wonderful device and a way to say to myself, yes, this is annoyingly loud and know I am not being over-sensitive.

Sound Levels of Accra Ghana